Saturday, 28 May 2011

Plans for tonight and tomorrow


I am going to be playing tomorrow night and hope for a winning session for once. Been a while since i have felt one of those.

Now i have my manic i need to play 24 tables right now all the time phase out of me i will resort back down to 16 tables tomorrow and hope i get lucky.

As for tonight i will be watching the game and feel annoyed to say but want Man United to win, mainly because i don't like the hype surrounding the Barca team and i wouldn't mind it if they were given a good hiding and from the looks of things Man united might be one of the best teams in club football to actually do that.

Today i go to the gym for the second day in a row and i am making sure i am making a routine of it. I have been told by Coggy to download a sort of exercise regime from online but with no offence i am going to follow the things i normally do in the gym and it is effective but i just need to keep it up. I firstly go on the cross trainer for 10 mins as a warm up, 10 mins of stretching at the mats, then i do my pilates while i am there for about 15 mins. This looks pretty gay but it don't half work! After that i go on the jogging machine for 15 mins, jogging for 2 mins and resting for one and alternating. After that i go to the leg weight machines, all four of them doing three sets of about 10 on each. I then make my way to the dumbells and blast my pecs, shoulders, biceps and abs. So that about covers every area, i then do a 10 mins continuous slow warm down jog, then make my way to the mats for a stretch down and then hit the showers where i rub my balls and make sure my crack is clean.

Will be posting on twitter tomorrow during the grind with updates of how i am getting on @antgaughan follow me if you haven't already you will be exposed to some awesome mundane tweeting.

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