Friday, 27 May 2011

24 table setup at the ready!

I played 24 tables yesterday tiled across 3 monitors. I found that it was definitely bearable for about 30 mins and then i got auto tired because it is so draining on the concentration to be playing at that intensity for so long. So i have decided that getting to 24 tables will eventually be profitable for me, but not at the moment. I really have to hit the gym hard to help with stamina for that sort of mental grind, so for now i will be staying with a 16 table grind whereby i am already sort of in my element. Not flustered by that many tables and find that i am playing my optimum game (whatever that is) across all tables even if i am short handed across a few of them. I actually enjoy playing 6 max's the most tbh and it is my strongest game.

So plan is to play on 16 tables and go gym daily. Then when i find myself improving physically i would assume my mental capacity will be improving also so then i will attempt the incredible and go for 24 tables, but maybe that won't even help and i will have to accepts 18+ isn't going to happen. Meh

Yesterday i was experimenting and my form went out the window dealing with all those tabs. So that might explain the $800-$500 loss, was very unlucky as well anyway not to make a massive profit on the night as i final tabled bubbled two huge tourns but not to be. Looking forward to future grinds as my set up is nearly now epic. Would ideally now needs a more comfortable chair and a modified desk but would get on fine without that.


  1. download p90x m8, exercise at home then !!! I took a look, did the 15 mins abs workout (tough) last sunday followed by a 6 mile run and am only just walking again now !!!! Better than the gym imo


  2. You got auto tired? What sort of tired is that?

  3. Will have to try that regime then coggy.

    "auto tired" pretty much getting tired as soon as you start an activity, a phrase i have pretty much created myself.