Monday, 9 May 2011

Back! Will be regularly posting from now on.


I have been mainly blogging on, under the sub forum of "the rail" under the thread entitled "the diary of an MTT grinder wannabe". So if you would like to talk to me about any of the posts on here, that forum is the place to do it. So here's my first entry for a while....

Round up on the night.

Up $4960.

Won a $2k gtd, a $1.5k gtd, and a $3k gtd. Came 4th in a $2.2k gtd, 10th in a $3.5k gtd. 7th in a $1.5k gtd.

Came second in a $15k gtd as well

cashed in many other tournaments including some biggies that i sattellited into for a nice profit

So i was in dominating form all night. Had a very close call for that second place. AJ beat my 77 all in pre to win it all but i still had a decent stack but i made a mistakeso i didn't win the $2k extra for first.

With the other tourns i was playing relatively flawlessly. Was multitabling 16 at a time through the night with no hassle. I am thinking about buying a desktop so i have the capability to have two external monitors working for me to have 12 tables each on them for 24 tables in total. I hope I would be able to handle that and i think with a bit of practice that will feel the same as playing 16.

Life Roll is up to $13500 and from having but $800 to my name last month its a great achievmant. I said by the end of June i would have a $20k roll. I am hoping now by that time i have a $30k roll. Here is to hoping and to finally let this be the final push into the big bucks and into insuring that i could possibly pay for a house outright in the future. That is the dream.

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