Sunday, 30 January 2011

End of month review


I wont be playing another day of this month and i don't think i will be playing much of february as i thought i best get my last ever education assessments out of the way early and then enjoy the rest of the year as a potential poker pro, until the money dries out!

Got a graph up of my month and i think it reads i am up in the region of about $9k which is lovely. One site in particular i killed on and another where i got killed and still haven't got the measure of it. If i eventually do sometime in the next two months it would be one of the biggest accomplishments of my poker career. Seriously! It has been plaguing me for years now this site and to start a run up on there would be awesome.

I am thinking about playing live this month instead of online to accompany my studies, because if i really wanted to i can bring reading material with me to the tables and also when i get on the computer at home i just play poker so no chance of work! So to play live would be a healthy way to push on this month as i study i feel, but we will see. I am thinking about playing the £560 UKIPT £200k GTD in Nottingham in two weeks time, also the fox poker club £330 deepstack tourney on friday as a prep for it and also possible the weekly wednesday £220 at the old vic for a £10K GTD. Done my research!

I would love to play the DTD monthly next week but as im in London without a car its too awkward and the fact i have football sunday morning is swinging it for not bothering along with my terrible time at the DTD with tourns! Still i am intent on a live poker/uni revising grind for the month of february. I have won enough in January to pay for a bad time live and also playing tourns n bigger than £500 a time makes it so my £5.7k prof won't deteriorate too quick!

So i am looking forward to it and hopefully some binkages too. I know i am lacking massively on the odds maths needed in poker whereby i don't know them well enough to be super confident with them. Like should i be calling a 3/4 bet on the flop with a flush draw with implied odds thrown in there aswell? Also shoving ranges, i am not 100% with those. I do some crazy shit on the open raising all in front and think sometimes it has been my downfall.

On that front i would say that i am competent rather than fantastic. I always can't be bothered to develop that side of my game which i believe is the easy part to know. The other part i know better is timing and knowing quite well when to bluff and when not to and to recognise a bluff with a nice call, or to put in a cheeky value bet on the river to a man clinging on with 3rd pair. That side i am much better with.

Bring on the month of february and hopefully in my end of month review for this month i can say that i have all my assessments completed and i am free to play poker for march and most of april before i have the end of year tests in may. Ideal outcome come mid June would be for me to have a 2:1 degree in the bag and about £40K in the bank, and to be a fully fit specimin. That is the ideal. The main aim is the 2:1 though, as that would be a lovely back up to the real world WHEN this poker lark falls through, because it will, eventually.


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