Thursday, 27 January 2011

I'm Butter right now because i am on a Roll!


Won a $6.7k score on monday which was my biggest online score ever which i was happy about and followed that up yesterday with some more profit in the region of $1.3k. My hopeful nightly layout is of about £1200 across about 15 tournaments on the euro sites and it means that i can concentrate on the higher standard of play instead of mixing in some $22 freezeouts or whatever. I hope my run continues and my approach stays as positive because i like where i am now and i know if i continue at a rate of maybe £500 a night that i would be laughing all the way to the bank and i think i need to fill my boots before this game gets any tougher.

Still pride myself in not using a HUD but it may well be causing me to have less profits but i don't think so so that is the end of that argument. I will leave you now, but hope all is well and the best of luck to you all!


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