Friday, 28 January 2011

A session of nearly got theres


I lost in the region of about £400 but i was very very close to haveing another $6k bink to add to my collection. I came within the last two tables in a $25k and a $30K and in the last 3 tabs of a $40K. Final tabled a $5k and came 6th but my layout of like £1200 nightly makes it tough to break even or profit without a win or a top 5 finish somewhere.

I am confident thought that i am primed for the toughest tournaments on the euros sites and will continue to play 50rs and higher. I am reconsidering my view on HUD's thought as i did come up against some marginal spots that is i did have any more info on the player i could have made a more guided decision. So annoyingly i will be comitting today to trying to sort my holdem manager out.

I will also be mapping out a typical prep day for a massive grind i did yesterday in the region of a 18.00-03.00am job and this must consist of a lot of fibre, no caffeine and at least an hour in the gym to have me buzzing. If i put in the hard work with that discipline it nearly always brings out positive results. So i will have to just put the work in!

I feel that my shoving range might be a little suspect and know that i may still have some flaws in my game so i am going to purchase sngwhiz just to go through some hands and see if i am going wrong, but i am not too far off the optimum i would say. Just have to keep it up and keep on making the monies.


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