Saturday, 27 December 2008

YES! Demised a bankroll plan!

Hey guys,

Sort of a eureka moment for me today. I was wondering before in what way i would build my bankroll but still be able to withdraw funds at the same time, but now i have a solution that smacked me around the face just now! I will set a target for each day, say £100, and if i make any more than that, all excess funds get banked. So if i won £144 in a day, i would bank £44. This leaves me with an increasing bankroll and a happy bank manager. Obviously the downside is how to react to the bad days, but you see i have a solution for that as well. Just don't have them!

Well seriously, if i have a bad day the £100 target remains the target to aim for even if i lose money. So lets say my account is at £1800 and my target for the day is £1900. But i lose £100 so i am currently on £1700. I will still have to pursue the £1900 target and only when i get over it will i be able to withdraw funds.

I think this is ingenius and sort of adds a structure to my game whereas before i was sort of playing with no organisation and was in the ballpark of thinking why am i doing this, what am i striving for here? But now there is structure and i will be longing to see the words from william hill saying "your withdrawal has been processed successfully". That will keep me going.

Along with this structure i have summised a wishlist of which i need to save money to get. The money i withdraw will be going straight towards these things. Shortly i will give u the list. I want to keep u in suspense before i do however so i will tell you guys tomorrow.

Cya Laters


  1. Hey nice plan! Just wondered do u have msn? if so add me:

    f3nix35 (the guy with the ewok avatar on crypto)

  2. just added you mate i think, if not add me on