Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Been on some bad form of late with the cash tables which has me more inclined to play tournies especially knowing that i have talent in them, and coupled with the decent luck i have been having recently i am getting disillusioned with cash. I think it has got a lot to do with playing 12 tables at a time and i have been slowly losing money because of it recently. Playing on 4 tables i am much more comfortable and seemingly don't lose always reading the player well taking pots away from those scared of them and folding when i know i am beat and whatever bet i make will just be given straight to them.

I think i have devised a plan to solve this and if it works then may i cause havoc. It is to only play 4 tables at first and then slowly add one more table every 10-15 mins to get accustomed to the increasing amount of table, easing em in so by the time i play on 12 it would be as it i am on 4 (i wish!) but you get the idea anyway.

i will let you know my balance after the bonus i will be receiving later and i then will be updating you on this as a closing point to each of my posts.

Thanks ppl

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