Friday, 19 December 2008

Brush with the casino!


Been an absolute idiot today. I had £2050 in my account at the end of a session earlier only to start playing on roulette. I won't go into detail but i lost £900 oh so quickly! I would like to say now that that is my final ever Casino pure chance game and that i am disgusted with myself. I was tempted to put £1000 on the line so that i could double through and act like nothing happened but this way i am safe in the knowledge i can build my roll up assuringly and also this is only a weeks worth that i have lost and i will be getting back over a grand within two weeks at the very most. I am happy this has happened as this serves as another relapse into the clutches of the casino. Forever has been the way that i make loadsa money playing poker only for it to be squandered on the pure chance games of the casino. The draw in for me has always been the swiftness of the amount of money u can make so quickly and that there is no skill involved. Also, its the rush of not being in control of your outcome that gives you a rush. But i want to be a pro poker player and can say now that i am no longer being a fool, instead a model pro. I need to maintain a level head so i can buy myself nice things and tick off the magical wishlist that i have created. You guys need to hold tight on that list, because i haven't finished it yet but i think it will be amazing lol.

Lesson learned today is never to play casino pure chance games again for as long as i live. Poker it is, only.

Be warned!

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