Thursday, 25 December 2008



I thought i was better than this but i sat down at a 2/5 euros heads up tables 10 mins agao and lost a buy in and a half which i can't really afford to let happen to me. I lost with pocket kings to a 10J for the straight for a lot of it and then i just tilted the rest of the money away like a complete idiot. I sort of only sat down there as it was one of the only games available. I really feel like an idiot. Im feeling relatively ok now though because i know i have to accept it and move on and in the wider frame of things over the next week or so i can make that money back up and this shouldn't be such a big deal. But i am aggreived at myself for being this silly. Clearly haven't yet matured to know what my boundaries are. I feel really annoyed right now and just want to rewind back about 30 mins throught time and smack myself around the face to say what are you doing!

I suppose you could call it a relapse into the gambling nature i had promised not to do. But it wasn't because this was quite innocent i never expected to have all of the 500 euros i sat down with to be at risk i was planning for small pots then all of a sudden i get KK and he gets lucky to make a straight. Its annoying. It's nothing to be worried about because i still have a big bankroll and will stay at the lower limits from now on. Will take a while to get over that monstrosity but i have got over worse in the past so i am just thinking now by this tuesday coming i should have made up for this little hiccup today and i am just going to wait until then to celebrate some sort of liberation from any more wrong doing like this in the future. This won't happen again as i will be more careful and less stupid.

Thank fuck i have this blog to let some steam off!


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