Monday, 15 December 2008

First Blog!

Hey peoples this is my first blog and i guess i shall let u in on a few things about myself. I'm 19 and live in london i am a student studying history and i absolutely love football and my team crystal palace fc.

I am a cash game player and a tourney player to a lesser extent. I play the £0.25/0.50 - $0.50/1 limits on cryptologic playing up to 12 tables a time and would like to talk about this in detail in my blogs.

Last week i ranked in the top 50 most raked players on Crypto which i was pleased with, and also won £850 in profit which was lovely. But i hit a ridiculous slump recently spurred on by my sideways venture into the double your money sit and gos. Bad beat after bad beat made sure i lost £400 within 3 hours and completely put me off my game on the cash tables. So at the end of week two i am actually breaking even would you believe so an annoying two weeks one would have to say.

I have recently set my goals up for what i would like to earn on a weekly basis and thought that £600 was a reachable target. That is from a 40 hour week, on 12 tables at a time. I should be making more than this possibly with the amount of hands i am playing but i need to get used to so many tables before i can start thinking of bigger monies.

Strategy to do with how i play my cash games might be a touch shady in case i get my opponents coming in to see how i play but i will divulge on hands and express praise on those i feel are amazing players on the site. To name some from the top of my head i would have to say Chopp11 (top bloke!) Gede31121 (tricky opponent), Balti (bloody machine!), Gambleag (very solid player), sundance (ridiculously solid), Ward84 and Slam_dunk to name a few.

I will be giving you balance updates every time i post and i am going to be using this as a sort of therapy also, if everything is seemingly going against me. What i hope will happen is that i achieve my target of £600 a week (or surpass it!) and play some top notch poker. I also want to be earning at least 3000mpps a week which if you aren't familiar with cryptologic means a hell of a load of points! I would be the most raked player at these limits if i maintain that and from past leaderboards that would put me around 40th every week.

Apart from the cash games i will be playing two tournies daily and these will be the 11pm and 1am GTD's which are full of fish and will be confidence boosters, especially if i get some big scores in them.

That's your lot for now but i will be updating this at a ridiculous rate as a pummel the tables. Next post will be my starting balance and how my first session went with all my thoughts and would love to hear feedback


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