Sunday, 28 December 2008

Jynx of the highest degree


after making my bankroll plan i don't even have a bankroll left hardly! I have lost a lot on the £50 max cash games. Playing quite stupidly to be fair reacting childishly when i have raised nearly all of my stack by the river, then getting it in on the river even know i know they have caught their card to beat me. Also betting when checking would have been the better option. I wasn't at the top of my game and that was because of the way i reacted to the bad luck i was getting. So i know that i need to better my temperament.

I am currently now £532 away from the withdrawal target number i set which is a travesty. My rakeback is coming in on monday which i think will cover it but i am really annoyed about losing 10 and a bit buy ins through bad play mostly. It's a lesson learned in composure and i want it learned before thursday as i would like to start the year on a high and relatively in the know about how to react to any situation cash and tourney poker throw at you so i cannot spew any chips through bad play. And i won't let bad luck make me play any worse as if i want to be a pro at this i just can't let that happen. Will just have to have breaks when i am on the verge of steaming and spend longer hours at the games when i am earning most profit. Quite simple really in theory but practically it is very hard.

Try keeping your cool after you lose 4 buy ins in 10 mins after you were convincing favourite in each of the 4 hands or you got extremely coolered. I will make sure next year i am robotic in mentality towards poker and make sure all emotionality is away from the game, well, the negative emotions anyway. They can be embraced and nurtured. The negative ones can't be avoided in essence because i am a human being but the trick is not to be experiencing these feeling while at a poker table. This can be done so i think i will be savouring some good fortune in the next day of play knowing i am approaching the game more positively.

The list i mentioned in the prior post was nothing that big, but i will tell you the contents of what i want to buy with the profits i will make next year.

Top notch Mobile Phone
Road Racer Bicycle
Gym set
Driving lessons
Car with insurance
Pay off student debt

I leave this post now confident of my revival from bad form just waiting for the prmoised land of regular profitability and some sort of security in it but besides from that comment to me about other things i should get up on this list along with anything else you want to say :)



  1. Alright dude,

    How did you manage to lose 10 buy ins in one day? Lol... thats pretty bad mate... do yuo want coaching?

  2. Well lost 10 buyins for the £50 max games so £500. I was losing that on the £100max games as well though. It was just tilt really. Won't happen again :)

    You recognise me from the tables btw?

  3. Take the coaching you dopey cunt

  4. Yea sounds like you are in desperate need of coaching mate 10 losses is an absolute fucking disgrace. Just stick to grinding the cash tables you fat shit