Thursday, 25 December 2008

New year plan


In retaliation to the ridiculous tilt i had earlier in playing a limit way above my bankroll i have taken a measure that is not often associated with online poker. Something that i feel has liberated me from ever making a tilty all in bluff knowing he's probably going to call, or by being illogical in any shape or form at any time, and this was by sending an online prayer. Yeh i know what your thinking, i might be a bit loony. But you should hear me out here.

You often hear of the poker Gods that give you look at the tables and ultimately decide whether or not you are going to win or lose. So if you were going to send a prayer to them than why not through the same forum they operate on, that being the Internet? As i am a catholic (sort of non-practising) i felt i should act at this holy time of year, to avoid ever having to be gutted at a rush to the head moment that discards hours upon hours of hard grafted work. The content of the prayer was simple, asking for better self control, with this i feel like i can go far.

To veer back on track now, i am starting to think loosely about what i want my annual profit to be in 2009. What would be realistic? What should i be aiming for? How should i go about it (sngs, cash, Multis)? How will i manage the bankroll in terms of taking money out and banking it? How many buy ins should i have for each limit? What websites will i use? How many tables will i play on?

Answers to these questions now can only be provisional but i will give you them anyway. I would like an annual profit of £50,000. I am aiming for £100,000, this being attained in how my bankroll will be increasing and therefore hopefully my profitability as well. Im thinking that big multi table tournaments in the form of sit and gos or normal ones are what i am strongest at playing. Ones with a relatively slow structure so i can pick my spots. I will also play cash a lot as well. Bankroll management is a tricky one because i want my gambling money to be ever increasing but would also like to have a system in place to bank my money every so often. Perhaps banking half my tourney profits and leaving the cash game profits in or something like that. In terms of buy ins i will only use 40 if i am comfortable at the limits i am playing, if i would like to rise into another limit i would like to have 60 buy ins or above prepared because i would have to expect a bit of a downswing at first to get used to the style of play. The websites that i will use is a mystery for now. I am soon going to be scouting every website going for the softest games and the best bonuses, and may give them all a trial month or something. I will be looking to play on 12 tables at a time, perhaps getting a little more adventorous if i am able to hook up two screens at the same time.

I will need to be more organised in 2009 also. I have to make sure that my university work is prepared and completed a week in advance of the deadline so as to alleviate pressure. I also have to set up a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet recording my daily profits/losses so i can study them and also try and make predictions on what i should be expecting to earn.

Also i need to organise my life in general. I have been a little to inclined to play poker and have been making no real efforts to get out too often or live an exciting life per se. You're only young once after all. Wouldn't mind a girlfriend actually, i have a bit of money to impress one anyway. Might not tell em about that. They will need to pay for their own way around me :) Aside from the girlfirend i need a car and a gym set for my room. Otherwise its earning money to pay off the student debt. Then the leftover will be to broaden my bankroll then skim off it whenever i need it. Perhaps if they profits are coming in regularly i may rent out a place and enjoy a little independence but i will need to be loaded for that because to give up a living at your parents house with all the comforts of having most things paid for really doesn't put much on the expenditure list. So yeh i need to be rolling in it for that.

Anyway, i hope that my self control parayer will be answered because i don't want to be a ticking timebomb, waiting to explode and tarnish all previous quality work. I hope to be wealthy, healthy and living life to the fullest next year and will make sure that no time is wasted.

I wish you all a merry christmas and i will write another post in 6 days time(*touches wood*) to wish you all a happy new year as well.


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