Monday, 22 December 2008

AHHH lost £180 this morning on the back of no sleep playing like a numpty. I will go to bed shortly disheartened about donking it up for the amusement of sharks to jst kill me. It's taken the shine off the streak and i still find it hard to deal with a losing session. Suggestions would be nice on how to deal with them, but at the moment i find that it is taking a long break does you good along with perhaps changing the format of game to make you feel like its a fresh start, like playing an sng instead of cash or a multi table tourney perhaps. Although i feel the no.1 ticket to beat a little downswing is to collect some of your winnings cash in hand from the shop and smell the money you have made from hard graft, then take the short walk to bank it. That will make me feel better and after that i will collapse onto my bed for sleep and then to awake to some more tourney poker accompanied by several cash games :) This is the life for a poker junkie :)

Balance at start of day £3494, balance at end of first session £3328, Balance after withdrawal £2528


  1. Nice read young man and if u want to improve your tornament play make sure you rail Steve as often as possible esp early in tournaments.Also from my limited experience its vital that you are aware of what your image is to the other players (beleive me it will vary !) but then again i know nish !!! GL Denlizliz.

  2. Thanks,

    I doubt i will rail steve extensively because i am either in the tourney with him or just don't have the patience not to be playing and just watching, but i understand how he is a great player. Would like to see him earlier on in the tournies because i feel that that is my weak point. In the middle of tournies i normally play well but near the end i normally get a but maniac and lose my chips. But i will learn and hopefully win more as well!

    Cheers Den!