Monday, 22 December 2008


hey guys

i have had a mad few days. The same day i had a brush with the casino i entered the £6K GTD at 21.10 on crypto and came first. I played solidly and fully deserved the win in my opinion. A win of this nature was long in coming and i was in a relative shock when i tucked away my heads up oppopnent by slow playing aces to earn myself £1780. The win obviously marred by the £800 i had lost earlier in the day but i'm not complaining. It was as if God himself saw the terrible casion mistake i made and granted me a massive win to recouperate and say to me that's your last chance! Im bloody grateful for it too!

But it didnt stop there.

Over the next two days i was stomping it in the cash rooms and earning myself around £300 in one day coupled with another modest tourney win ($1300 GTD for $396) so i was flying. Then to today i entered 6 tournies today i think and final tabled 3. One of which was the £20k big freeze one off tourney on will hill where i came 9th for £400. Really annoying. I played 23 offsuit all in on a button steal and was called by 55. Was an absolute nightmare. I played so well up until that point than that moment of idiocy costs me a serious amount of money. But not to fret i came 3rd in the Ntx £1500 for £180 and 6th in the £1000 GTD for £80. So over the past few days i have done well. So well in fact im wondering if it would be possible to keep this sort of form up?

Cash games have taken a back burner recently as i have grinded any tourney going on crypto instead with good success. What i will do now with more frequency is get some cash tables up while i don't have many tourneys to concentrate on while will only increase profitibality. But what i often find happen is i leave the cash games so i can concentrate harder on the tournies i am involved in so as to progress in it further. I feel that there is more variety in a tournament than in a cash game as there are so many more different spots and more leeway to manoevre. This gets limited, of course, when the blinds are too high, but often this in itself gives one the chance to steal the blinds from somebody trying to beat the bubble or one that you know will fold their blind without AA KK AQ AK AJ, meaning a high success rate when raising him.

My balance stands currently at £3494 which is lovely compared to what it was a short while ago and will keep you guys updated with more balance updates and more regular posts with Hand histories as well.

Also, please leave comments! Wanna know what you guys think.


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