Thursday, 18 December 2008

Good Tourney Results

Hello ppls

I have been playing a lot more tournaments recently and i am enjoying them a lot more than the cash because it is a welcome alternative to the usual grind and seemingly easier. I have been finding it quite hard to re adjust because the calls and plays are noticeably looser on multis than in cash and you see yourself being shocked that your bluff didn't work and you have been called down with second pair or whatever.

I went deep in most of the tournaments i entered on cryptologic, which was everyone available they had over £10 and i am in just under £200 profit. Namely it was the win in the $1300 GTD that contributed to the majority of the profits as it was $396 which isn't too shabby! I noticed that i had the ability to dominate the tables i was playing near the closing stages and was feeling very comfortable. I feel i just need to fully click back into place for myself to be fully functional in the tournaments again, because i know i have the ability to be amazing. Perhaps i need to spread my wings into different sites as well as i have heard there are some fishier tourneys about namely on Ladbrokes' network because my friend Steve, better known as "Ultgamb", had suggested this to me as he is clearing up there.

I think i will be looking to make money in the upcoming weeks solely so that i can create bankrolls on every other network going so i can see how to dismantle the clientelle on each and everyone of them and see my BR rise :) I think it will be a little adventure also and will add some spark to my game because i will be having to re adjust to the different skins and different styles of play, but i am up for the challenge.

My Bankroll on william hill currently is £1986 by next tuesday i hope to have £2500 in my account, but i am not sure if that will be possible as i think i am going to treat myself to a xmas present out of this account. And that is in purchasing a road bicycle for my trips to and from school, will need to get the helmet and attire also but i am looking forward to getting one. Will clear the mind through exercise when i need it and can only improve my game as well as my fitness, so purchasing a Bike can only be a positive. Well unless i have no road sense while on one, then it could be blooming dangerous! I hope i am fine and i think i am going to splash £250 towards the bike and helmet with locks as well.

Prediciment also in the fact i don't know whether or not to get xmas pressies for anyone because i am tempted not to bother and instead buy things only for myself and may perhaps, if i feel kind, make out the pressies i get for myself were bought by family members for me. I did tht last year in a different sort of way when my parents didn't have much spare change to spend on a good pressie for my bro and as he's still a teen i thought he was getting hard done by. So i went on a mammoth poker session and was up £250 in one night and put all of that towards getting a playstation 3 for him but said it was from my parents. They were grateful, and my gosh, he was.

Forecast for myself is play tournaments from now on between the hours of 18.30-01.00 on will hill and if i am out of a lot of them, i will play cash instead/as well. I'm feeling good about my poker prospects and can only stress to all of you reading this how much mentality matters towards playing a winning game. So stay happy and focussed ppl, wait a sec i don't want that, i want easy money from you guys! Play 27 as you would AA and direct those funds in my direction!

Cya laters

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