Monday, 1 June 2009

A quick round up of whats happening.


No real reason as to why i have't posted in recent weeks, just haddn't felt up to it. Have developed some real lethargy out of nowhere recently, feeling really tired even though i have had loads of sleep and my concentration is completely shot. I might get a check up from the doc to see if it is anything serious because i have had an incredibly poor diet and hardly any exercise in the last years and im hoping there is nothing wrong. This has distracted me somewhat to concentrating fully on anything i am doing and same goes for poker.

Might seem i have some bad news to say to you on the poker front because of the downbeat start but that isn't true. Have had great success on ipoker recently started playing on my new will hill account on the 5th may this month. Had just under 100 multis with an average buy in of $36, roi of 187% and profits of $4520. Weren't the best of starts but i think i am finding some form.

On the live front i need to change my game completely. I find myself getting a little too nervous of my surroundings with everyone eyeing you up when you're in a hand and yesterday it got to me. I lost £400 at a 1/2 table to a drunk fish who goaded me into calling with the worst of it on 3 occasions. I wasn't feeling right to be honest, was a little tired and never felt too comfortable, but these are no excuses i should have realised this and stopped playing, so I could come back on another day rearing to go. This is an experience i am taking on board to avoid doing in the future and again i am happy to have felt it. Almost as if losing this £400 will pave way for much more than that to be made in the future. Instead of approching the live game with relative trepidation, i'm gonna go out to enjoy it, and when i say enjoy it i mean make some "John Houblon's".

My volume of late has been pretty lacluster and this is down to how lethargic i have been feeling and has prompted me to start taking better care of myself. Wouldn't be feeling great while playing tired, obviously, so i am doing the right thing in reducing my volume until i feel a lot better again. To be honest i have been getting these good results in while not feeling my best so i would like to think i could be ridiculously profitable if i was feeling more energetic.

Will get back to you guys about more of whats happening and hopefully more brags about how well i have been playing. Would love to be able to see the gradual progression from lowly part time player to full blown poker proffessional in these blogs and i have a good mindset now to make this a real possiblity.

Cheers for reading.


  1. Sickoooo! Don't worry we will get good live practice in this next year and take down some massive tournies ;)

  2. I actually find live easier than online, maybe because the play is worse and I like being under pressure, yes I am weird!

    Nice results too, are these from freezouts or rebuys or a mixture? I am the world's worst rebuy player!

  3. mainly a mixture but i think it could just be an upswing because i had a really bad day today. Deffo need to stick to better discipline cos atm just spewing like crazy!