Tuesday, 23 June 2009



Sunday went terribly with myself tilting for the most part, meaning i need to re evaluate what the hell is going on. I gathered that playing 12 hour days without break can make the best of men tilt and that if i want to have a 12 hour day i shouldn't have one the day after too, so whenever i have a tourney day, the next day will be of sngs and cash. So that i can break away easily from them and do whatever i want.

I'm scared to look at my BR now by looking at what is in my bank and in all the rooms i play but i hope i won't need to look just yet and can do after i get a really good run going. I am limiting myself to playing ipoker and boss media because this is where i am most comfortable. It's annoying i am not more comfortable on party poker because this is arguably the best out there for tournies (out of the european sites) but the software takes some getting used to. In that transition to adjust to how that site plays i don't want to lose anymore money so i am sticking to my two fav sites.

Ipoker and Cassava are the only sites i play on where i am up on tournies which is worrying, but this is almost certainly down to the amount of tables i have played and how it can be difficult to use different servers at the same time. If i solely play on only boss and ipoker i think my bad form should end, barring ridiculous bad luck. Even if i get the latter though i won't complain because i would have my really good A-game back and it would only be for bad luck that i haven't got what i deserved.

It's terrible going through a bad run, even more so when it is of your own making. So it is just about maintaining composure and getting some results under my belt where i find it most comfortable to play. Also, even when i get some huge monies coming in i need to learn not to spew like this again! Especially in times of recession when no one will have sympathy for you when you say you have lost £2000 in two days because you weren't "up" to protecting your investment. However i may just not have the temperament to ever not tilt and if this is the case i will have to bow out of poker, and concentrate much more on my studies.

Shout out to Ben who seems to be doing what i should be right now and is killing me in the BR challenge we had set up! When i said GL to you at the beginning of this i never meant that much luck! OJ. May more come your way.



  1. You'll get there...only takes a day for things to turn around and spark off some run good. Empire cash session this weekend?

    Britain's got Talent it's a DJ Talent


  2. Hey Mate!

    Don't worry, I've seen you play, you'll catch up, we all have bad runs!

    If I was you I would check your bankroll though and adjust the limits as one of the reasons my downswing at the start of the year was so bad was from taking too many shots and not moving down as my bankroll shrunk. This only exaggerated the problem!

    Best of luck taking down a biggie soon!