Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Clawing my way back


Had a 14 hour shift yesterday and put in some massive ipoker and boss media volume to mixed results. I was up overall by about £400 but i had a 2nd place in a 7500GTD that should have been a 1st when i got my money in heads up with 88 against his 8K, he rivered the K, that cost me $1000. Another situtation where i was on the big blind with 10 bbs on the 7500GTD on boss where there were 7 left and a short stack goes all in for 3 bbs the mega big stack flat calls, then folds around to me, and i see 88, i realise that i could be beat by the short stack who let himself get that small because he was waiting for a monster, but i knew that 7 big blinds of my all in raise would normally be good as the mega stack was prone to calling with weak cards. Turns out he wasn't as weak as anticipated, him holding A10 (if hes holding A10 he would have made the same call with A7 or 77-44 imo so my all in raise was good) when i pushed all in, the short stack had AQ. Nothing hit for those guys until the gin card on the river which was an A and that saw me flying out for a measly 280 euros in comparison of what could have been 2800. O well.

Another situtation saw me lose with QQ all in against 66 with about 50 left in the 25,000 10r on ipoker i had about 15 big blinds at the time which had me middling the field and i ran into a guy that was one of the chip leaders, that was all in pre flop and he turned the 6. Annoying more for the fact that this field has a ridiculous amount of runners and i did well to get this far and be nicely placed in chips before this travesty, but wasn't to be.

In the $12K GTD on ipoker 100 entry i was stung quite hard when i thought i won the pot but to my dismay had seen someone make a runner runner straight flush on me. had AQdiamonds raised it up got called, flop 10s9d8d 2 diamonds, i was getting a little restless and shipped all in to a guys bet out on the flop, he called with JD10H, turn was 10d, which i loved thinking right, just need to avoid a J and a 10 and i will be fine with the Ace High flush, unkowing that a 7 diamonds would give him a straight flush. Amid a victory dance when the 7d came i was shocked to see my win percentage of the pot at 0% and was duly grounded when i realised what happened.

But i would need to mention three times i got lucky yesterday won with AJ vs JJ in an important pot, won with 1010 vs. AA in another important pot and in the most shocking of the night and the last one i will talk about in this blog, something amazing happened.

11 people left in the 7500 GTD that i came second in im on the BB with 86 spades with about 20 bbs so i am doing well, folds around to the SB who shoves all in for around 17 bbs, i snap call obv knowing my 86 was the nuts, he has 1010. Flop 445. i am drawing to 4 outs (any 7) and a perfect runner runner of either two eights or two sixes. Well two eights came didn't they. Twas luvverly to inflict that, the poor guy must have thought i was an ipoker cheater as if i knew what cards were coming, but i just accidentally pressed call to my horror as i was flicking thorugh tables, hardley ever happens, but this one will be hard to forget.

I am going to do another 10 hours tourney shift tonight, in the absence of anything better to do cos all of my friends have jobs during the week :(

gl at the tables

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