Thursday, 4 June 2009

Birthday today!!! Ant 04/06/89

Any guesses for how old? :P

I'm feeling great today, i had a winning night on ipoker securing another $4000 GTD tourney win and two other final tables that i should be happy about. I know there were definately mistakes made but i made less than the average winning player does, so i can't be too pissed.

On review of my game though i am definately seeing leaks, my pride and laziness means i don't seek to learn from other sources apart from my own experience on how to improve my game, which is bad. Many people have said i should sign up to some poker training sites or read up on strategy in forums but i can never concentrate fully on them because they bore me. I already feel i have a good understanding about how to change my game to suit the dynamic of the tournament i am in, but maybe i should learn from others to see their viewpoints on the same situation, because not everyone plays like me.

The three biggest leaks in my game are that i occasionally tilt, i don't fully know in certain situtations whether i am getting the right pot odds to call or not (a matter of not knowing the specific maths) and playing too many diff sites at the same time.

Tilt is the hardest of the problems to solve. So i just tried to break down the reasons why i get it and deciphered that it's because i play for too long. 6 or 7 hours straight most nights, which is tough to do and still be on ure A-game across loads of tables. However i don't want to stop the amount of hours i play, i just need to somehow make them more interesting so that i enjoy playing poker more during it, and maintain concentration. Aside from actually playing poker itself the only way i can stay amused is through listening to songs, and maybe 2/3 different albums a day to listen to while i play will help. Also a bad diet is a reason for my tilting. On pizzas, i felt sluggish and really tired which made me play dire poker, as i was just trudging through the hours of play with no real intent to do well, so i would just fuck about in essence. Coca-cola is also very bad as the caffeine doesn't help. So from now on i am making sure that on the same day as a tourney grind i am eating healthily and only drinking water.

With the second aspect of my game that needs improving, its simple enough really. I just need to put loads of different poker situatuions into a holdem calculator online to give me the odds of different situations, and if i do it often enough and study it, i will be able to have the odds pop straight into my head as soon as a decision arrives in a game. How quickly i can get an outcome is important because i play so many tables.

Thirdly, I'm gonna talk about playing across different sites at the same time. There is definately a problem in doing this. Many rooms are so unlike eachother that when you play them simultaneously you always have to adjust to the different layout meaning you have not got a great "feel" of any table because you are so confused by the ever changing layouts. This might just be a problem with me, but this has meant that i have lost loads of money as i desperately try to cram in the best tournies from diff sites at the same time and it just wont work. There are sites that are similar to eachother in layouts and i am happy knowing which ones these are because they will couple nicely, but i guess its regrettable to say that i may well give up playing on more than 2 sites at once :(

If i get these three things under wraps and maybe branch out into poker forums to read up on strategy then i may well be on my way to being a good player, i'm already ok but whenever a player thinks there is no way that they can improve, that they can't be any better, than perhaps that person is a fish.

GL at the tables.

p.s my graph so far on ipoker is pictured.


  1. Happy birthday mate :)! So, you've overtaken again eh? Guess it will probably take me another 6 months to catch up again lol!

  2. Happy birthday Ant, all the best.

  3. Alright mate.....noob to your blog but you are me!!! Reading what you do, your poker style is me to a T. If you fancy adding me on msn for some poker chat Would be very interested in your opinion on how I recover from rolls of €1k boss, $3k Tilt and €2,000 ipoker now down to the hundreds in each after a run of death and 3 months tilting BAD!

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