Saturday, 6 June 2009

Tilt and DTD Monthly Tourney


I'm gonna be trekking up to notts to play the monthly £330 tourney 80K GTD with Cos to try me luck. Played it before and was surprised at some of the poor standard being played. So much so it actually annoyed me and despite knowing the other guy had sucked out on me in the fishiest way possible i still gave him my chips on my exiting hand, so he inadvertantly had the power of making other people just as bad as him. Will need to watch out for that again this time.

I am going to play a solid game at first to see how the opponents on my table are playing and then try to adapt suitably, so as to get the most chips as possible from them without them realising. Perhaps some pre flop bluffing when the blinds are at a juicy level, or just playing my position to make the value of my hand not so important and only pretending to have one. Thing is with this though you're not playing children and they will quickly adapt to how you are playing so whenever i feel that someone has got onto me in that they have latched onto the way i have been playing i will flip-reverse it (cheers blazin squad) and play the game that will most abuse their perception of how i am playing. So basically a COMPLETE MIND FUCK.

This just shows the importance of preparing properly for such an event and i am making sure i am only going to be drinking water or orange juice for the event (gay i know and what) and eating nothing that will make me too sluggish. Also wanna make sure there is no tension before hand as i am still not too used to playing live, so i might have a walk outside or something to try and sort that out. Otherwise what else can i do but hope hands hold up and if i am chasing, i catch up. Happened at the empire for me in that good cash (well we split the top 4 monies) albeit undeserved, but i don't care, i just want the money, and if it means i play like a fish to get there then by all means. Loving the contradictory nature of what i am saying already, in how i am berating fish getting lucky on me but i wouldn't mind winning in a fishy way, i guess what it all boils down at the end of the day is i wanna win some money.

Played online tonight and i am not going to go into too much detail because i lost £300 but what i will say is that pizza is evil :P My bro chose the takeaway tonight as i paid for it as his treat for mourning the loss of our pet dog of 15 years (silently greiving). I otherwise, wouldn't choose it because it makes me too tired. It had the knock on effect of making me uninterested in playing in the middle of very big tournies and i regret eating the lovely tasting, Italian Based meat feast with 5 toppings, becos even though it tasted great, it makes me lose money. Some coin flips weren't going my way either but on the whole a bad day at the office on my front and definately myself to blame. Probably could have just had a sandwich, but when the pizza is getting waved in front of your face, you can't not eat it right? :P

Well i am looking forward to the trip anyway and maybe saying hello to a few familiar faces, mostly to my main man Ben whose blog is very interesting and listed on your right. Hope Cos, Ben and myself make the final table, and if i take it down by beating them, well that would just be sweet wouldn't it haha.


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  1. Haha good luck mate, hope my inevitable hangover goes by then! See ya tomorrow!!