Sunday, 21 June 2009


Hey ppl

Annoyed at my play of late. Been loading up too many tables at once and see myself playing on all of them nonchalantly, because i am on auto-pilot on all of them. I am now only playing a max of 6 tables where possible and i will try to get a "feel" on each of them. Hopefully with this will come better results. Quality over quantity after all.

Tonight i am playing the 140 euros 100000 GTD on boss media, the 300000GTD on ipoker along with some others there. the 250000 GTD on ongame the 150000GTD on microgaming and the 300000GTD on party poker. They start at different times around sort of 6pm tonight and already realise i am bordering 7 tournies i may be playing at a time, i will bow out of 1 or 2 though during the onset of the night if it is getting a bit hectic. Looking for comfort tonight, and hopefully only 6 tables will provide it. Maybe the high buy ins of these tournies is the problem of why i am tilting, but i don't think so. I am generally unphased by any amount of money being put towards a tourney because i back my abilities well enough to think i have an edge in them. Most fish would say this but i would like to think i am not one. Definately not the finished article by any means, because there are some simple maths with poker i haven't even got a hold of, but there are some tricks i like to deploy that i feel aren't used by many ppl that give me an edge.

In terms of BR management what i am doing tonight is ludicrous, but i am doing a low risk gamble. If nothing comes in tonight i still have a big enough BR to rebuild to its former glory, if something does come in tonight, i could well be laughing. This sorta gamble won't happen after tonight, this will hopefully be the best send off possible to my old gambling ways.



  1. Good luck mate! keep me updated with txts!

  2. Can u teach me those tricks pls?

  3. might do in 3 months time if any of them are proven to work!