Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Cash Game revival


I am going to be concentrating now on my cash game to try and generate loads of rakeback and keep a consistent win rate. Something that is very hard to do even for the best players in the tourney scene. So the plan of attack is to grind 9 -12 tables of 1/2 playing at a just above break even game and live off the extensive rakeback. Planning on playing 40 hours a week of this after my exams next week so i should be getting something in the region of $4000 RB a month.

I say i want to play a break even game, but atm i would be happy to do this because the step up to 1/2 from 0.5/1 is quite a big one in terms of how the games are played out, much more 3 barrel bluffs to call down, and many more non believers to your c-betting. So i need to adjust to this, and try to adjust to the regulars and try and beat them up in the mind fuck that often ensues at this level, well for the slower ppl like myself anyway! The plan is then to actually be turning a nice enough profit without rakback from playing 9 tables and if i can do this consistently i am looking at a lot of money to be made.

No need to get caught in the headlights of monies to come though, it is a distant entity as i try and mend holes in my cash game and stop spewing as a calling station and instead know what to do to support my really good calls, and my profitable plays.

I will be playing cash on and off this week, as i am still revising, but when my exams are done i may turn into a complete animal. Thing is tho with so much money on the line at one time, one slip up in terms of tilting and i will need to move down limits and grind the very nitty 0.5/1 so i can't afford slip ups and i am gonna make sure that my maturity as a poker player stays from here on in.

Gl at the tables.


  1. gl fish. I just sat down at $1/2 5 mins. First hand i get dealt kk. sb obv had AA. gg $200

  2. Yes mate, how have you been getting on? I ended up coming 3rd in that tourney that me and you played together in, was disappointed not to ship it but ran AK into 66 3handed and couldnt get there, whats one to do eh!

    5 days later i came 6th in the 50euro rebuys (the 25keuro gtd) for like £1.5k. Needed someone like you to take over when i was 1/12 cos i feel i threw it away a bit!

    Hope all is well x