Tuesday, 3 August 2010

binkety bink


I had a grind last night starting at around 4 and ending at about 1am so relatively mild for me and found that i was dancing around the edges of some big wins but it really didn't go my way.

One in particular was a 12k gtd 10r with the prize pool at about 15k where i was on the final table in about 4th with 14 bbs and i get AK opening in mid position. I obviously jam it all in and get called by a 40 bbs chip leader thinking im in for a race here i am screwed. Best case scenarion was obviously AQ but even that would have been a relatively loose call.

Cards get turned over and he has AJ. I'm shocked. I think everyone in the room was shocked. We're playing for $3k first place monies next out gets $200 and i take the latter as i am axed on the headpiece after a J10924 board.

the night was ending as a £60 loss up until one last tourney i played on a euro site. It came in and i won 1100 euros which was bloody fantastic. Big hand there HU was i had Q2 the other guy 10Q both had about 15 bbs. we both limped pre flop to see 2Q9 board, he checked to me i raised 3/4 pot he rr me i rr all in he calls and i take it down not long after that basically.

It just shows you the fragility of tourney poker that i was so close to being 60 quid down but am now actuall 1000£ up. I guess that is why its such a rush to play as well though. Bittersweet you might say.

Anyway i am playing tourns now that are few in runners and i have a high success rate on to keep my sanity and i am really enjoying playing. I am a little iffy on some plays but i think i will be fine tuning things shortly. Hopefully onwards and upwards from here hey!




  1. Thanks for sharing, really like your view. Waiting for some more great articles like this from you in the coming days.

  2. Hey mate,

    Sigh@AK hand

    Would you be willing to swap blog links with me per chance?