Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Knew this was coming


I had the session from hell on tuesday night. I got unlucky but also really just didn't play that well. It resulted in a $1300 loss and it was because i didn't listen to my own set guidelines of only playing when in a fit condition to. I started the grind because i had nothing else to do that day but i knew deep down i just weren't up for it. Would rather have been somewhere else but just played out of boredom.

I picked up an injury from a football match on sunday which prevented me going to the gym which would have probably have given me the motivation to be focussed and crush like i know how to but on tuesday i was just poor. Afterwards i was in relative shock. Wtf was that was my immediate reaction. It's never happening again. FACT. I will no longer play massive grinds when i am not in tip top shape to do so.

Regulation for doing a massive $1000+ nightly grind

I have to be buzzing. Now this can come about in so many different ways. It could be that one day you wake up and just think yeh i am in the mood to crush but a lot of the time you will just feel normal and eventually once one or two bad beats hit you you can be quick to fall off the tracks.

To defend against this i can have a daily preparation schedule to have me primed to win loads of money on a daily basis. I will be repeating myself now but it includes 1 hour of the gym and no shitty foods or caffeine. Let the endorphines kick around the body and it will also give me the stamina to play 12 hours if needs be.

This won't defend against short term variance but what i do know is that i only ever really lose money in this game when i let myself do this. It is sort of a constant battle with myself to maintain the steady temperament needed to deal with the horrid/amazingly beautiful swings of this game. It is like you are experiencing what it feels like to be bipolar on a nightly basis and if you haven't got the physicality and mentaily to deal with it you will lose the plot and your money.

In the past i most definately haven't prepared myself properly for playing poker. Tuesday being one of those days! However, it has served as a welcome reminder that for some players like me that know how to beat the game and are pretty comfortable with their knowledge and capacity to learn new stuff, the main battle about attaining poker profits is with yourself. If i get in a stonking good and healthy routine and i could well be a big dog in a year to come. However if i stay on the beaten track of being volatile and an on/off player i think i will get burnt out, i could well barely make a living in the game but it would be one hell of a depressing life.

This last week i have seen the results of having a great prep and a bad one and i know it is only on the short term evidence that i am basing a huge amount of my faith but the logic would suggest i am talking sense and i am genuinely intrigued about how well/bad things will get for me following a strict healthy lifestyle.

My prediction is after this post i won't be looking back.

Bring on the binkages imo.


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