Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The secret to success with poker, well for me anyway!

Hello there

Well the title is already very alluring and i believe what i will next write is only setting you guys up for a fall. For starters this could well be written after a massive winning night where i met absolutely no variance and now i think i know it all. But regardless i will say what i will have to say :)

Today i managed to get up at a decent hour and get a good breakfast in before having a mad 2 hour session at the gym including a solid 60 mins on the cardio machines, the rest would be recovery and i walked to the gym aswell :). This had me buzzing walking out of the place. Decided to not rush into poker when i got back home though and just chill watching tv until i felt the time was right and i heard the feint sounds of my name getting called out my various poker rooms on my laptop.

Basically played 10 hours tonight and won a lot. The sorta victories that feel good, mostly it was a combination of a lot of final tables instead of one massive bink which can feel like you have cheated. Felt in control throughout apart from i would say two plays that i undoubtedly overthought at the time and didn't remember the guys i am coming up against may well be mentally not all there.

I lay my concetration levels to the gym sessions. Healthy body is a healthy mind and that. Also i would have to say that playing without music was great for the 12+ tables aswell. I could hear myself think and it was as if i was back at school again in a test room figuring out an answer and i just felt like a it was a whole new me. Yes that last line was intentionally supposed to sound gay and what im feeling good right now! The boredom u may think might be unbearable just playing poker for that long without music, but i enjoyed the games i was playing a lot more and felt more involved and excited by proceedings. Mainly because i felt like i was doing well on every table i played.

I also had 16 tables up at one point! This was mental. I wasn't opening as wide as i would have liked to just because i wouldn't have had enough time to play the flops on all the tables i would have to play. So was playing ridiculously abc for like a 2 hour stint, but oddly i found that i was doing well during this time. I may well have been saving myself from my stupidly loose plays!

Just thought i would put down the law and say going gym and not listening to music (perhaps classical though!) are a lot of help to play your A game. Tonight i pretty much did and am now basking in a gloat blog. Need to keep this all up now and for once continue some sort of dominance of online tournies!



  1. classic FM to poker is the way forward...lol

  2. oh it could well be, gonna give a try when i next play :)

  3. Was about £1300 on the night up. Had some near misses that would have had me clear £3000 but you know how it is amatay, sometimes you will get 7th instead of first and so on and so forth :)

    Watch out next blog will be an fml post! So don't think i am getting ahead of myself i know too well the swings in this bastard game!