Saturday, 14 August 2010

7500 dollars in 3 days


Well as the title says i have pretty much been killing tournies all over the shop. The 6000 prof includes a $3K package to Malta which includes a 5* hotel and 1100 euro entry into a main event. I believe its four days in all over there and it will be a nice break in late september, just before uni starts!

Erm not much really to say apart from how lucky i have been in a lot of fifty fifties late on in tournies and how i have did well to maintain a stack from 100 odd runners down to a final table. Been really improving my game by just obsessively self evaluating my plays and experimenting. The chancy plays i have been trying of late have shed sum light on how abc i have been playing over the years. ABC is fine if you a decent enough winning player because you can always live off that wedge however i believe the real money is in trying new stuff out and just dominating a table.

All of this would be pointless though if hands hadn't held up and all that jazz but from memory i am going to give you some of the results i have seen in the past few days. 1st in a 5K GTD, 1st in a 3k GTD, 1st in a 6k GTD, 1st in a 3k GTD, 2nd in a 5k gtd, 2nd in a 7k gtd, 2nd in a 10k gtd. However i had sum horrible form on one particular site that had me cancel out the true profits i should have been seeing!

This still remains a problem i still play too many tables! I think with the new style i am adopting i need to be playing a maximum of 9 tables. As i find it hard to keep track on 12 tables. Mainly because the tiling is too overlapping. I think i would like to get in another big 24' monitor to have beside the one i already have to see what 2x9 tables is like playing on. It may just be that i am fine with playing loads of tables, its just that it needs to appear on a certain way per screen.

If i do get comfortable like this on 18 tables then i can finally play a fuller grind without the annoyance of knowing i played too abc on a particular table. It could also mean a rapid rise in consistent winnings so i think a trial is necessary next week.

I'm loving the game right now and feel very comfortable in the knowledge i have for the tourney game. I think before i was very pessimistic and down on myself always overthinking hands and wondering if a play was bad or not. Now i just accept i can only play according to the info in front of me and my instincts. Throughout loads of hours of play the instincts will get better and through winning more and more i should get used to it and start to dominate poker and life in general.

I must have already lost about a stone in the Gym and the added fitness has helped with concetration. I have stopped drinking soft drinks with caffeine in it where possible. I tell you though they are hard to find. 7up free is the best, honestly. Although it may sound it i am not a health freak prick who has a go at people for eating "empty calories" or is constantly wary of what i eat, i just go with the flow and try to stick to a loose guideline. Mainly the mantra of eating when you are only hungry, not to over eat, and try to stay away from crisps and chocolate. Ewwww i am so gayy.

So there you have it i have a BR rivalling Fenix35's now which is great as it will spur us both on to try and out do eachother. We soon will be basically playing the same tournies as well so it will be interesting to see who will persevere over the coming weeks. I will not reveal my BR to you anymore in fear that i will be adding pressure on myself to keep telling you i have a higher one each time, so instead i will just tell you the general shiz and let you sort of work it out for yourselves.

I am going to let you go now.

Sorry for the length of this *That's what he said*