Friday, 30 October 2009



I am dealing with a small bankroll at the moment and with this you cannot play underolled. Tonight i did out of frustration of me being completely able to combat the 10 euro/dollar rebuy tournies that most sites offer and being annoyed of playing the smaller sngs which are a hell of a grind for smaller profits. Started with 300 euros in my account and now im left with 100.

I enjoy playing mtts out and out but obviously i have put myself in this spot so im going to take the fact i only lost 200 euros tonight "gambling" my roll, and carry on playing the smaller games.

The big bonuses are due in soon which will double my br of around 400 quid so that will be nice. I am probably going to spread my roll and try and target 2 to 20 table mtts which i wud have to say i am an expert in for the lower levels of say $5-$50. If i just stuck to these i would be a wealthy man eventually. This basically limits me to playing full tilt and pokerstars which i won't mind doing if i am winning loads. Need to sort out my rakeback on FT though cos i know they offer 27% but at the moment they aren't letting me have any.

If anyone knows of anymore sites for good low level mtt sngs leave a message, haven't really checked the sng section on ipoker or party poker so i shud have a check there but anywhere else?

Its a sad sight to see me on less than 1K of a bankroll but with every downfall comes a lesson and i feel i am on the right road now. Mainly it's to stick to a strict br management scheme where i can play my poker without fear of going broke. With this i will definately prosper as i am a great mtt player, so in time i should be hitting a £10K br again and still have my heart set on having £25K by June of 2010 by just being a robotic mtt mastermind with no tilt. Will see how it goes. Should seem farfetched to a lot of ppl that i think i can do this in my current spot but i have always been ambitious and never totally deluded. So Gl to me i guess :P

gl peeps

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  1. Bro you're more tilting than me and I'm a complete dickhead with my roll! Come on get with it Goggan