Thursday, 29 October 2009

Well, that went shit!


Tried to 16 table grind cash for a whole month and live off the rakeback but turns out that i am shit at cash poker. So many things that i am just not suited to on it, maybe if i got a poker tracker it would help but at the moment i just seem to tilt on it or find it disastorously boring. I started the rake chase with 3500 euros and ended before i lost it all on 1000 euros. But at the moment i only have 200 euros becos the 1000 total comes when i have received all of my bonuses by the middle of next month.

To add a little spice to the proceedings, i won a 2K trip to Slovenia. Included is a 1100 euros tourney that has a 4 day structure for around 200 runners i believe. First takes home around 50K. Im selling 30% of my action for this if anyone is interested in taking a piece, im selling it at 5% = £50. So get in touch if you are interested.

Atm i am just concentrating on my bread and butter which is the multis and low level sngs (6man turbos and 20 mans). Low buy ins tho annoyingly because of my situation but however i have such an edge on the games here that i shud be looking at 100 a day profit in just the fiver games. Would love it if the tenner games were just as fishy wen my br increases. Running at 10% roi for these sngs which is nice, but infortunately not running too well at the multis but these results dnt affect me because of the nature of how i am exiting the tournies. Bad beats left right and centre which i can't do anything about, perhaps tho i am getting too low before pushing and tht is affecting my longevity in a tourney, maybe i shud be accumulating more non showdown chips but this is always tricky in the lower levels when you get perennial calling stations that don't know a cat from a dog.

It's gonna be a tough old grind now to get back to my heyday of a £10K+ bankroll but its a sure road and i am a capable tourney player. Cash games aren't for me atm tho. I think i have the perfect grounding to become a great cash game player (capabale of playing up to 16 tabs well and quite good at reading trends) but i just don't know whats what there. I am not confident at all about what certain raises mean in certain spots and i just need a helping hand there in cracking the enigma that is the 6 man cash game.

All in all im in a disastorous spot compared to what i really shud be on but i have no doubt that i have enough to be well off from this game so i just hope my hands hold and i get lucky when going in from behind.

Peace out

P.s get in touch about backing me in Slovenia


  1. I bet you ship slovenia tourney :p

    I told you cash is gash. Tournies are good but bankkkrolll management is the key to maintaining any form of roll in these beasts. IMO, grind the low stakes for a while hardcore and use a 200buyin rule if you can. trust me it takes all the pressure of downswings away and you can treat poker more like a video game focusing on the win rather than trying to min-cash (which i doubt u do) as that will increase your bankroll by like 5% or whatever.

    Also moving down, I learn the harder way, like I'm sure I can beat the €50r on boss that I played for a bit before I lost some % of my bankroll just because I could identify the mistakes a lot of the other "regs" were making in those games. But I still moved down as I can't handle not cashing in that like 10-20 times, which is so standard, as it would be detrimental on my BR.

    Ok ill stop dribbling on, but long story, good luck on the big rebuild :)

  2. hey

    Before i start playing cash i need to be fully educated and have the right mindframe for it, which is purely robotic and mechanical.

    What i am going to do now is play sngs and multis that i am good at and an amount of tables that is also cosy and this wud be 9. Also be nicely rolled for the tournies i play. Im gonna stick to a 100 buy in rule myself but i won't be playing many rebuy tournies to threaten my br too much but i will make sure i am careful to moove down if my br dictates it.

    Cheers for the comment Ben was helpful and don't think u can' be caught in this little BR race we have!!!!

  3. cash is great but 16 tabs is way too many... there are more dynamics to consider at a cash table compared to say STT's which are pretty solved. I would recomend starting with 4 and working up - especially if you're not sure what they're representing.

    Best of with it though it is a goldmine