Saturday, 3 October 2009

13 table cash grinding FTW!


I am looking to grind £3000 rake for the month from 13 tabling 0.25/0.5 . This is after my BR getting dangerously low, and i need a sort of less variance filled venture to get me picked up again. I have just over 2.5k to do this with and i know it sounds risky (because it probably is) but i think i will be fine and for some reason i won't be listening to nay sayers about this strategy. All they will do is aggrevate me. I'm gonna go ahead with this, play the odd tournament to suppleament the winnings and hopefully all will be well. tbh i have 50 buyins at this level and will be playing with 13 of them at any one time, i think i should be ok to get through just the first month break even and if i can it should be plain sailing because the £1500 ish in rakeback bonuses should have me in a good way

I will be back on later to look at everyone elses glorious posts before i lock myself away from humanity and 13 table for 8 hours a day 6 days a week. I'm determined to do well and this needs to be done for me to play tournaments only in the future with a much much safer roll. The switch date back to tournaments i wouldn't mind advice on, what roll should i be looking at to play them safely if i am thinking of 12 tabling $20r - $100f ?

Cheers ppl.


  1. You will be fine, i'm currently doing the same risk, playing 10/20c plo only 4 tabling for roughly 30-40 hrs a week part time, and i made over £700 in rb and bonuses last month, so 12 tabling you should walk it even with 50 buyins, all you need to do is remain break even for a few months

  2. Ant, i love ya...but this is no longer poker! :P.

  3. ide say $20k br for $20r and $100fo but im a BR nit. 50 buyins should be plenty for cash. Gl mate.

  4. The majority say 100x your average buy-in but a guy I know who plays for a living says he will never play with less than 200 nowadays