Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Total Change Of Plan for Now!


Well i decided that i hadn't a big enough roll to play cash games at the levels i wanted so i decided to go back on the tourney grind with the exception of not playing a tourney over 50 of any currency apart from one tourney where my roi is ridiculously good. Had a great day yesterday securing £2000 for my troubles mass multitabling 12-15 tables across three sites where all the buy ins where low, and i cleaned up. One particular heads up game in a 2000 euro gtd sticks to mind however when we were playing for 400 euros first getting 800 and second getting 400. I got it in good as a mass chip leader 4 times and lost all of them, getting rivered each time. I got lucky back at him once however but when it was his hand that decided to hold i was aggrevated to see i would get scond place.

There was only really one move i can remember that i believed to be an atrocious one on my part yesterday, well not atrocious but i got played like a flute. This was in the early stages of a 50 euro tourney where i had 99 and raised it up pre to get one caller. Flop came down 7KK and the guy bets out pot to me. In most cases now, the guy will have A7 or 87 and wants you out of the pot to take it down where he knows its good. However this guy was a tricky mofo, and decided to bet out with sevens full, i then decided to re raise all in and he tanked called to rub it in. I put vwp in the chat box and tilt was never a factor there for me.

I am sort of free from tilt now i must say however that is only because recently i have been running quite well and my decidion making has been rather good. Normally what happens is that i make one donk move in a tourney and the other 12 i am playing suffer as i am playing more aggressively to try and make up for that loss in that tourney immediately, which is never a good idea!

My scores last night included $700 for a 6th in an 8K 400 euros for a second in a 2000 euro 400 euros for a 4th in a 3k, 700 euros for a three way split in a 4K, and loads of other min cashes which i am rather happy with.

The future of the plan now is rather shady. I don't know what to do. I have a good tourney game and at the moment i am reaping the benefits through clever bankroll skills where i can be comfortable playing the games i am without getting scared of being broke. I need to take a monthly balance check over 3/4 months to get an idea of variation and my profitablity. I may decide to just head towards the 10K i need to play 0.5/1 and just grind at that but i definately won't if the tourney game is treating me well because i feel i have an edge in it. I hope all this bigging myself up won't result in a calamitous collapse anyway and i hope i continue my form as i have plenty of work to do to catch up with f3nix35!



  1. As soon as you go on a mini-downswing in MTTs you'll change your mind again......!

  2. With a 10K roll how many tables of 50/1 are you intending to play?

  3. Yo Talent,

    Stop changing your plan every 2 minutes mate.

    Just stick to donkaments, play overrolled, understand the variance, play as well as you can, take breaks, be a massive irish tree, watch your wallet get bigger.

    Simples. xx

  4. wp Ant, nice results. do wat Cos said, simples innit