Thursday, 10 September 2009

Learning Quick!


In these cash games you really can't fuck about. Played 3 one and a half hour sessions 9 tabling 0.5/1 6-max cash and noticed that the games are noticebaly beatable and at the very best break even worthy! However that is if i can maintain the mindset of a freakishly stable human being that can only play when mentally fit to do so (not drunk, tired or in any other negative mindset). Because in one of those 3 sessions i was sort of not on my game, i was slightly dazed and never felt right, and this resulted in a 200 euro loss, which had me down 250 for the 4 and a half hours i played. The previous two sessions were pretty sick tho.

The first one consisted of me getting setted on like nobody's business. I realise i played two hands in this spot rather carelessly. One of them consisted of when i had AA i was in mid position and utg popped it up to 3.5 and i only re popped to 11 everyone else folded until it got to the BB who called the extra 10 along with the UTG raiser. Flop 479 rainbow. Gotta be loving that right? BB checked along with UTG and i bet 24 into the 34 pot and instantly got pushed all in for my last 65, UTG folded and everything in my gut told me he has a set he has a set there is no way you can call there is no way you can call, but part curiosity and part he could well have JJ i make the call and shockingly he has 44 for the set. I was in relative disbelief tbh that he had 44. Who flats 10 pre with a 100 stack at 0.5/1 with 44, even though i know he knows the UTG initial raiser is coming into the pot behind as well it still doesn't make this play profitable. What i thought he could be making that flat call pre with was JJ-KK and at a push AK. 99 wouldn't be out of the equation but so many people fold that there in that spot!

The other situtation i don't even want to get into. I would just like to say that pre flop on the flop on the turn and on the river the guy bet into me healthily and i called all the way with QK os out of position on a K high board thinking he was bluffing. Weren't my finest hour when he showed me his dominating hand, but you find some guys bet all the way on a bluff right? hehe no is the real answer to that. Well maybe on a real dry board but honestly it wasn't and i was fishing it up big time.

However, in the two first cash sessions i found i was playing well and dominating but i was getting really unlucky in spots as well but brushed it off as variance, there were also tricky spots that i was never sure how to deal with and this mainly rotated around getting 3-bet pre flop. I am never quite sure what these guys are doing it with and find myself folding the AQ-AK in these positions but in time i will get comfortable as i will have seen eventually what these guys are up to when they finally have to showdown a 3-bet pot and then i can see what they were doing it with.

The overall dynamic of playing 9 tables at once seems manageable and i honestly quite enjoy it. I did loads of maths yesterday as well and figured that i would rake in the region of 30 euros an hour so if i was to play 216 hours in a month, which is 9 hours a day, 6 days a week, i would rake in 6500 euros. Which would translate to receiving around 700 in an affiliate promo for raking that amount, 2000 in a rake chase and around 2000 in actual rakeback. So if i round that up i would be getting £5000 a month which would be bloddy tough work with the hours i am willing to put in so if i receive monies in the region of that it would be fair play. This would be ofc on the back of a break even game only and barring the first 3 months where i will allow myself to play a break even game as i am transitioning from the tourney scene i would fully expect to start turning a profit eventually to add to the 5K a month. I have no idea what a reasonable turnover on the tables would be. I would imagine somewhere in the region of 50 euros a day perhaps? which would add 1500 to my earnings which would culminate in a 6500 turnover monthly which would be bloody fantastic! However a slight tarnishing of this is that the site operate in euros and that this in reality is £5700 but i will take that! Could have been worse, the site could have been in dollars!

Have another issue with the cash games and tht is i am sort of completely underolled for them! I have a diminished bankroll which i have alreadt stated in a previous post and currently in my poker account i have 970 meaning 70 left for rebuys across 9 tables haha. I initially started with a little over 1200 but as i sed i lost 250 so i need a little bit of luck now for my BR to go up instead of down in this crucial part of my bankrolling history. I still have about £2K in the bank however as back up with more monies in transit from other sites but i would really like to keep that in there and only use these monies. Even with 2970 tho i would be underolled to play these games! However all i need to do is to get through the first two months on this shoestring budget and i will be laughing all the way to the bank rudeboy!

By the way i was thinking quite fervantly recently about what the future holds for me in poker and decided that i will stick to this hopefully until my BR is at crazy limits. Somewhere in the region of £100K and them transfer monies into full tilt and pokerstars and once and for all rape those sites for every penny in their tournies with no fear of being underolled, so i can really let my skill factor take centre stage. The thought of murdering these American sites is what is keeping me going as they have pummeled me recently.

Sorry for the long post but felt as if i should let u guys in the know of whats up with me. The next few days i will be having a break from the game as i don't feel up to it to be quite honest, so gl with all you guys and i will update here again asap!



  1. 9 hours a day 6 days a week. Jeez, good luck with that. I'm lucky if I play 9 minutes a day 6 days a year at the moment.
    All the best.

  2. Ant, good post. Im in a similar situation where Ive left only £1k online because I don't want to redeposit from my bank. So far im running like Jesus so it's all gravy. However, what i've found is that I do feel underpressure when im mulitabling because I have limited rebuys (altho i figure I might play more of a LAG style to you). Really interested to see how you get on mate cos sounds like we're in relatively similar situations :) All the best buddy, keep me updated.