Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Cash games it is!


I am gonna start gambling a little with my roll i have around 5K left in the bank after i have been spending loads, I was in relative shock when i saw that number tbh, but its enough to recover! I am going to be 9 tabling 0.5/1 limits 6-max cash from here on in, well maybe i will play some more tournies to build the roll a little. But the hope is to grind 160 hours in a month at those limits and take in the bonuses and rakeback with a break even game, so much for aspirations! I really don't care if i can't win any profits on the table just that i get the hours in and the bonuses stay huge. Would be nice to think i could be a profitable player tho! So there is the little update on whats happeneing with me, i am going to see how this cash thing goes and if i can get anywhere near say £3000 a month. I am going to stick with it. I am probably going to play 3/4 tournies daiy anyway so boredom just shouldn't happen. So up the cash game and hopefully up the bankroll aswell!


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  1. nothing wrong with breaking even if u still making money with the volum you play. good that your ego aint that big.
    good luck
    nice blog