Monday, 31 August 2009

Cash or Tournies??????


Got a dilemma at the moment and as the title suggests im not sure what to do. I love tournies and have loads of time for them but have concluded that they may not be the most profitable route for me as well as the most sinsistently profitable either. The fluctuatuions found in tournies is jarring and if i am to want to take up pro poker after uni i will have to have a deep bankroll to think about playing tournies full time and paying rent and other bills.

That is why i am thinking about playing 0.5/1 cash games, 9 tables for around 50 hours a week. Calulated that if i do this i get a little over £1000 weekly in rakeback so all i would need to do is show a break even game. Now this is a hard prospect to not go for as its guarenteed money at the end of the week and i will have to be unlucky not to be at least break even. However, it may turn out that i could make just as much or more from playing tournies so it is confusing for sure.

This is why i am thinking that i might trial the cash game thing for the next week or so to see if i can maintain a break even game or better, and then have an equally long stint in tournies to see if that is working. If both are working then i would possibly integrate the two playing them at the same time or having days off one and days off the other, possible playing each one of them at their peak fishiest times if this time varies from both fields. It's gonna be an interesting few weeks for sure for me and i hope that my profitablity in this game can just grow and grow.

On an intriguing note, my dad's mates with the mate of a pro Millwall footballer and he revealed to my dad that the starting striker at the club is on £1800 a week wages, which are most probably halved because of tax to £900 a week. It's quite a pleasing thought to think that if all goes well that i can be earning more than a 3rd tier professional football player lol.

Gl at the tables but not against me.


  1. what about playing cash all day then tournies at night.

    Or do a kennl (sicko sharkscope him) and play low buyin SNG's all the time with MTTs running too.

  2. Yo Dj Talent,

    Why not just learn PLO. If you 6-table for 50 hours a week and break even at $50/1 you'll be raking like $6k a month. I can get you 66% rb on betfair too.


  3. do wat i told last night imo. 3 wks of cash then hammer the tourns as like a treat or summat. or do 10 ish days cash then 5 days tourns etc etc

    mix it oop

  4. yeh i think what i will do is probably just test out the cash scene this month at 0.5/1 level, while primarily playing tournies which i am more accustomed to, hopefully make enough for me to have a really safe BR for the nine tabling, and then by october i might join a rake chase and absolutely go mental, to see what money is to be made from profits, rakeback and bonuses!