Sunday, 16 August 2009

getting on swimmingly


Im loving tournies atm! up £2000 from the last three days of play and i have been on good form. Some shoddy moves have prevented me from better results, and some bad luck also. What i do know is that when i get my resits out of the way i should be killing the games and making in the region of £200 a day. It's a lot to do with the fact that i can 12 table and still play to a high standard. Which is great because you can dispell the nastiness of variance by getting the volume in.

I am a sharkscope shark across 4 sites now but have lost thousands on three sites as well which tarnishes the good work. Ongame has been particularly nasty to me recently in administering really bad luck to the point where i am questioning whether or not i am ever gonna play there again. Saying that i will probs bink a huge win to put myself back into the black on that site anyway so i will wait for my time.

The gym sessions have basically stopped in the past 2 weeks with me being a lazy bugger. I don't know why this has happened really, i am not one to shy away from exercise if needs be. I like to run and do weights but i treat it like school, you don't want to go in the morning but once you are there it ain't half bad. That really needs to pick back up so i can get the bod i deserve and can be physically fit for my football team on the sunday.

Speaking of which i was told that i probably won't be selected because of my fitness. You should see this team! A lot of them are spastics with no technical finesse at all, they are fitter than me but i would be seleceted in front of most of them by any other manager! O well life is a bitch but i just need to get fit really.

Got an exam on tuesday which i hope i get well prepared for (day before revision obv!) and i have four courseworks to do by friday which will be tough and only when all works are done will i return to poker. Couldn't have had a better incentive really, i am bloody addicted to this game!

Btw above is the graph i am generating on one of my favoured sites.

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