Tuesday, 25 August 2009



Had been playing non stop for about 6 days recently for 10 hours a day and found myself averaging around £500 a night which is incredible. Been targeting what i believe to be the weaker euro tournies to achieve this goal and i have been having relative success with this. I particularly love any 6-max tournies going on because shorthanded, i am rather a better player because i find that people really don't appreciate the often deep stacked nature of these tournies and play a lot looser so i just sit back and wait for my spots, because you are given time to wait! This gets me on to another point in that the ultra long structures in online tournies suits me down to a tee! This is for the same reasons given above and that i am beginning to have the patience of a saint in slow playing these fools and maximising profits from the legitimate hands i get.

Starting now to dislike the 10-30$ freezeouts on sites because of how quick the structure rises and how hard it is to maintain a stack when you often get played back at all the time. So i have just given these up on many of the sites in favour of rebuy tournies with slower structures, and also in the rebuy periods the potential to get huge stacks from going all in with AQ-JJ pre flop and getting an ace-rag call is great. In these tournies it is much easier to maintain a stack as you often get more respect for raises as you are often playing much more deep and you also then have room to bluff flops in position that you have missed. It also gives you the opportunity to guage your oppenents liking/disliking of the flop/turn/river and gives you the chance to play accordingly. So safe to say that i am often playing only rebuys nowadays! However, i do play the occasional high value freezeout with lower starting fields, as i believe that people play tighter in these because they think they have a higher chance of success because there are less people to go through which is true and isn't true because i am sure there are expectant sharks that enter these tournies waiting to prey on the nervousness of some of these players.

Have given up for the meantime on full tilt poker and pokerstars on the general conception that they are tougher games, however i am starting to think i have made a broad stereotypical labelling of how good the American player plays and should really back myself in certain tournies. But i was talking to Fenix about this and i said that i plan to load my bankroll up on the euro sites first so that i have a comfortable bankroll to face up to the full tilt and pokerstars high limit tournies from 20r to 100r/300f which could have big value if i learn how to adapt quickly. Will probably set a target of how much i am willing to lose so i can play the tournies relatively care free and hopefully it could be the start of something special. But at the moment i find that i am enjoying playing the 10r, 20r, 25r, 50r and the higher freezout tournies from 25 euros to 100 euros on the euro sites too much to give it up with a massive preference and pretty sick success rate at the 6-max rebuys and the double stack freezouts.

Also incredibly i can say that i am somewhat im my element across 12 tables at a time and feel fully confident i am playing near to my best game on every table. I do have one leak though that i will testify to and this is often in the rebuy tournies mid-late on where i don't open raise enough pots in position with looser holdings to try and play flops and win them without going to showdown, also to develop a slightly looser persona to make it easier to maximise value on the legitimate hands i am likely to get. To be honest i am capable of doing this but i am rather lazy in pressing the auto fold button to make things easier for myself in certain spots and so will look to get more involved where i feel i am at my weakest. The importance of playing 12 tables is HUGE because it enables you to tackle variance on a nightly basis where i have to be really unlucky not to final table anything when i am grinding 12 tables at a time for a 10 hour stint. Normally i get thoguh around 30 tournies in this time and its great to say i am able to play these at a high level at the rate i am, many people can only play a tenth of what i do in a night! Gotta thank Will Hill for my 12 tabling ability really because those small view versions of the tables were great (Pro View) and made it so easy to start on 4 tables and add one daily until you found the comfort zone.

Took a break tonight because i am not feeling quite at my best but i will leave you now with one of my proudest sharkscope graphs, i hope the rate on this bad boy continues! I'm quite liking £500 a day tax free! ROI below at 100%.



  1. Good work & pretty sick volume. I can just about manage 3 tables myself, anymore and it starts to feel like my heads going to explode and my eyes are going to burst, 12 is pretty sick

  2. cheers dude, its a lot easier for the avid playstation and ninetendo lovers of my generation to play on this scale. Well i think it was the best youth training possible anyway!

  3. Britain truly does have talent.

  4. you are pretty sick. 10 hour sessions :O

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