Friday, 3 July 2009



Haven't been playing well and been getting unlucky in spots to prevent me from deeper runs in tournaments. I notice more and more now how tournaments hinge on coin flip situations. I think my style of play has it that i am so tight pre that i eventually dwindle down to 10bb or around that and i have to push all in to make a coin flip or worse happen. My mid-tourney game has to improve. I need to open up more without being too loose to make my card holdings less important if i abuse position. This said every time i try to do this i get into awkward situations and find myself thinking why the fuck have i done that. I just need to develop a flair instead of the robotic pre flop stance i currently hold.

However the very tight strategy does work on some sites, boss media for example, the play is so bad on there that you just need to wait for a semi decent one to get all your chips in good. This being said i could still open up a bit more on there as well

Looking forward to the next few days of poker online because i will be experimenting a bit more with plays, but i will need to make sure i can hold my patience throughout the massive slog because i am yet to record one night where i haven't made at least 3 glaring mistakes in a session. That needs to be reduced to zero.


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