Monday, 20 July 2009

New Plan


Just a quick note to say that my last few days of online grinding haven't gone well. Mainly to do with the nonchalant attitude i have towards playing across 6 or more tables for a long period of time. Finding it hard to keep concentration and this may be to do with not having a good routine going. Probably should go to the gym before grinding online to help mellow me out and increase the focus necessary to play for such a long time without fidgeting. So i have decided to give up the grind online for the forseeable future (hehe probs will only be a week!)

Instead i am going to fill up my days with three things. Gym in the morning, Uni during the day (need to study for retakes) and jump on the train from uni to play at the empire casino to hopefully destroy what i hope will be fishy games. That is going to be the routine from wednesday onwards and will end as my retakes are sorted at uni. Then i will keep the morning gym thing going, then try and do summin of interest during the day (involving me getting out of my room) then hit the online grind from 5-7pm onwards until about say 3.00am that will mean i will be in bed my 3.30am and can wake up around 11.30am get brekkie in and then leave for the gym at 12pm. That seems like a solid play on life really. And btw yes i do realise it wouldn't be a morning gym session if i leave my house at 12pm but at least its in keeping with my body clock anyway!

Apart from that piece of boring information i have nothing really else to say except a big congratulations to Ben for winning the 1000 euros ladbrokes package to Killarney with a seat for the 550 main event. Really envious of this as i am going to be trying hard to win the same trip and perhaps another festival in Ireland through qualifying on Ipoker. The latter event being called the Irish Winter festival and is held in Dublin i believe.

I hope to get back on Grind with success when i do start to play online, but that will only come with a focus, and that focus will only come with a strict life regime which involves regular exercise and as much time as possible away from my room of work. Good luck people.



  1. Over/Under on back playing online in a week?

    Haha jokes! Have fun at the casino, and good luck with the retakes :)

  2. I say Britain, you say talent, Britain's got talent its a DJ Talent.