Wednesday, 15 July 2009

$12kGTD Win


Just took down the $12K GTD on party poker. The 109$ entry one. Cards went my may royally throughout this but i can't remember putting a foot wrong tbh. Very happy with the $3360 prize money considering i had a 0 balance during this tourney as this was my last punt before i sorta gave up on the software for ipn and ipoker but now i might look to develop that roll and look not to take a lot of it out. Just skimming profits off the top.

I had two other final tables tonight in a $12.5K gtd on ipoker and the $7500 GTD double stack on ipoker as well. The former i played very tight and eventually had to push with 97 in the cut off with 7 big blinds left, got called by Ace rag and lost getting out in 10th for $250+ ($109 entry). In the latter i went out in 5th when i found A9 on the big blind with 10 big blinds left. The cut off raised all in for 8 big blinds and on previous history with him i knew he had less, or was likely to anyway so i called. He showed 10K and binked a 10 on the river. Annoying because first in this tourney was paying $2000+ . With the pot won i would have been second and comfortable in chips. Probs would have weaved some magic to win the whole thing but will never know now! I won $600 in the tourney. This only had me at just above even on ipoker because i played a lot of tournies on there inc. trying to qualify for the irish winter festival in the $50r tourney ipoker had running. Misplayed 99 in early position and got my just deserts in that one.

In the 20K 30r on ipoker i went out as a 30/70 favourite for a pot but lost with about 40 left i believe. Lost some coin flips in that that were pivotal also. Came 17the 10r $10000 GTD as well getting a little too aggro pre flop and getting caught out. That was especially annoying because i only play that tourney to final table as all other prize monies are rubbish in comparison, but it weren't to be this time.

Before the party poker win, which was the last tourney of the night, i was bemoaning the nature of tournament poker and thinking i wasn't cut out for the game because its not a reliable income and can make u feel like shit if you keep losing money without winning. After the win i still have that taste of loathing for tournies, but my love for them can be described as bittersweet. Winning one is an amazing feeling, especially for the amount i won tonight. I guess i just need to keep records of how much i win over a certain period to see if i shud continue with it.

But back to win, what was best about it was that i didn't really get overly excited by it. Just sort of closed the room and looked to surf online as if nothing happened lol. I think this is a great mentality because i use it across the board even when i get the worst of beats.

Like the one i got late on in the 10000 10r on boss today when i get it all in for 20 big blinds with KK against 1010 and the opponents hand makes quads by the end and after hours of playing im sent crashing out. I just shrugged it off, but i have to be forgiven for exclaiming a "fuck off" to myself lol. I then carried on with the other 8 or so tournies i was still in making sure my temperament remained.

It would be fair to say that the win has been a confidence booster and has shown me i still got game, something i was questioning during the drought of wins before this. I hope this is the start of some nice wins to come but also hope these aren;t the last words of a fool who has just jynxed himself. :)

Gl people.

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