Thursday, 9 July 2009

Taking a break-Gym membership

only played around 7 tournaments tonight many of which were on average around the 100 dollars mark to play and i didn't cash in any. This has pissed me off. Mainly because i don't really know what my whole bankroll is at now and am scared i could be getting close to not being fully rolled for 100 tournies. I am going to add up all my monies and then plan from there. I also don't want to continue playing because i feel i have a massive leak in my game and that is i don't play enough hands when i have 30 big blinds or more in a tourney i normally keep waiting for a hand, and if it doesn't come i am forced to push all in as a short stack.

So after my break tomoz i am going to come back on friday trying to vary my game and see whats what. Even though i am a profitable player i still think that this flaw in my game is hindering me from making more. That and the bad luck i get sometimes!

So yeh i am just gonna leave you with that and that i have joined a gym for 6 months in an effort to get fit and perhaps take my football slightly more seriously. Perhaps semi pro level stuff might result but we will see!


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  1. Good luck to you buddy! Also I'm pretty sure the gym membership is definitely a good investment. Helps my focus out at the tables immensely