Sunday, 5 July 2009



Just a quick update to say i am getting some good results in with a 3rd place in a 10K GTD for over $1000 and some other lower ones, that i am quite pleased with. The big wins are, however, tarnished by the buy ins of the tournies i enter and don't cash in. I can't expect to cash in them all by the age old problem with me is that i play too many tables and don't seem to concentrate well enough on each of the tables to play as well as i could. I got up to around 10 tables today and i have to admit i was really uncomfortable there. I am lowering the amount of tables i play to 8 now and will lower it again if there is still no improvement.

Sorry about the ridiculously boring post but for now i really can't be arsed talking any more so until next time laters.


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