Wednesday, 15 September 2010

oh no beaten by sweets!


I spent sunday night going for a relative gamble. I had a massive uprise in profts previously which had my roll at about $19K so i thought i could lay about $1k on the line and just go for it!

Didn't go to plan but i really was on track! I had started at about 8.30pm and was looking to play until about 4am. I started in dominating fashion getting big stacks early and playing aggressively whenever i could. Raising most pots in position and eventually taking it down either pre flop, post flop on turn or on the river with complete bluffs always knowing when to stop when there was no chance of winning the hand. You could say i was in the zone.

And what a time to be in the zone i was doing great when i was playing tourns i am not bankrolled for. A result right? Well yeh i assume it would have been if not for my complete indiscipline on the eating front! I will explain now.

I had eaten a glorious roast dinner cooked by mum at about 6.30pm, twas lovely, then i decided i wouldn't prepare any food for the rest of the night. By 12.30am i was starving but still doing great in these tournaments. And i saw these packets of sweets i had not opened. These 39p midget gums. I opened them and let loose, eating the whole packet very quickly. There was another packet and i did the same.

2 mins later and i am off my face on some sort of Sugar Rush! It lasted about 45 mins and had me go out of nearly half my tournaments. I couldn't concentrate, felt ill and it was just the worst timing! In the tourns i had left i was just too tilted to play properly even when i had decided to go get a sandwich quickly from the kitchen. It was tough knowing how much money i had squandered and i was too disgusted at myself to see the remainder of the tourns through properly. Opting instead to just play hastily and load up some more episodes of The Wire.

Also i decided to tell everyone on msn what had happened and every which one of the replies i got from people were of shock one even pronouncing he was "scared" of my convo antics. As i was talking so fast in a crazy rage i didn't let anyone get a response in, plus i was talking complete nonsense. But when you do say that you have taken some "sweets" and it made you go on a trip i doubt they are going to think of the situation as innocent!

O well. I lost $700 for the night as i had binked a third in a small 100 person sit and go to recoup some losses, so i think i got away with it a little bit on sunday. I then proceeded not to play poker until i felt fresh about going back on. I have noticed, with me anyway, i normally always win, barring ridiculous bad luck, if i am mentally and physically prepared for a 12 hour grind. When i am not i often tilt and lose money. I still havent, after 3 years, got the perfect discipline for this game. However getting that may be impossible. Day in and day out to do the same routine to enable perfect concentration levels, meh, it just wont happen!

I guess it will be about damage limitation whenever i have a grind started and feel off by unregistering for tournaments where i can and stopping early. But if i want to be a true soldier of the game i need to give myself the best chance of playing 12 hour days for as many days as possible. So gym, healthy eating, having food prepared during the grind at close proximity to the computer to make it so i don't have to sit out of all the tourns as i rush to the kitchen, a lot of drink at the ready, and a good music playlist lined up. If i get the perfect formula i should be able to rake in loads of money as my game is pretty tight now.

I had the right idea for the last week when i made the £4000 by playing superb stuff on a consistent basis, but sunday just showed that one hiccup in preparation and you can be sent flying into a world of pain and a spot where losing money will just happen!

Wow this has been a long post but i just felt i would let some frustration get out! I don't know if i will be playing again this week as i am going to the Isle of Wight on friday and Malta next wednesday. But rest assured i will only play when i feel right in doing so, and with poker i think that is already half the battle won!

Good luck peeps

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