Saturday, 11 September 2010

£4000 in 7 days, could get used to this.

Hello there

I have been rampant recently on the mtts across a lot of sites. Mainly focussing on the tourns that have less runners to start maybe 500 or less and i then commence in 12-16 tabling them for about 12 hours a pop. I try to keep it to 12 tables but if i am running well in more tourns than anticipated i can just about manage to take on board 4 more without completely oblitorating my chances in all

It is the regularity of the profits that is so nice to see, its nearly as if i can say before i start playing that i will be making £300 or more today. I play lots of tournaments on a nightly basis, probably in the region of 40, and normally get some good luck in at least one to secure a profit for the night. It keeps me at ease if i am running bad at any one time because i know i am likely to bink something or another. Just ridculously, supremely confident about my game.

Recently i have been making about £500 a day but for only the last 7 days so can't say that is my regular wage. Probably should be looking at £300 for every 12 hours played which is a great hourly rate and if i can maintain that then happy days.

Be interesting to see what i do when uni starts later this month. I am going to get a feel for the written work i have to do and see what best suits me. How am i going to incorporate poker and uni? I guess i will have to see. Whatever i do i will be going for a 2:1 and to maintain a steady wage throughout my studies.

Also i feel like if i am going to be hard at poker and writing i might as well try for more poker holidays! These would be a great escape from everything and i know my uni isn't the best in keeping records of attendances or being too bothered about it all so hopefully if i just get my work handed in on the deadlines to a good standard then perhaps i needn't bother with the lectures and instead strive for one 4 day abroad holiday a month haha. I could try and make this year the most hectic and enjoyable of my life and if i somehow get poker, work and 5 holidays in with a nice steady profit then that is lovely.

I am in a weird place right now as i, for the first time, have no doubts in my game, the money keeps pouring in on a daily basis and i am seemingly utterly unphased by it all. Which i think is key because i can deal with final tables better where i am not too concerned about money jumps as long as i make the right move and i know that being aggressive is always a plus.

So there you have it i am doing great and i really think this will continue at the same steady rate for months to come. However i would be lying if i didn't think its gonna go wrong somehwere!

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