Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Loving it


Finally got a sort of grind pinned down for myself. Have been playing most nights for the past two weeks with great success. On about £300 a night avg with winnings happening pretty consistently each day close to that number, just in case you thought i have had 13 losing days and then one huge bink.

I just know i have got to carry on with what i am doing and see what it will be like when i finally allow myself to play 22 dolla rebuys and 109f's, i wonder if my winning rate will go up. Not sure as of yet but i think it would.

Sorry for the short and pretty uninteresting post, i haven't had much go on recently and not really been in the mood to blog but i am desperately looking forward to Malta in 2 weeks time. Got a 1100 euros entry in the Malta Madness main event which i assume will have around 100 runners so its about 20K for the win. That would be nice!

Also had £120 on France to be Bosnia & Herzegovina at 6/4 whcih came in so things are on the rise for me atm. Just need to keep on winning


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