Tuesday, 1 June 2010

YES yes bloody hell yes.

Hey there

Brag warning. Got a 3rd place and a $4K win on an american site and that has basically tripled my bankroll. I am now rolled to play $24 sngs if i would like. I am already a winner at the stakes half of that, so i would hope my skills can transfer to the higher game. Hopefully this is the kick start win that will lead way to the life i should have maintained last year after the £5500 win.

Always gotta do it the hard way, but if i was to make mad G's now i will appreciate it that much more better becos i know what its like to be at the bottom of the barrell and it would make being at the top that much sweeter. A lot of talk atm i will need to actually get there first!

I do have supreme confidence at the moment though and finally i think i can safely say i am back on track to hunt Ben's (F3nix35) BR down and finally get back in the lead. He definately has had it easy for months now and would love to see him sweating in front of me (that sounds sexual). However i am improving my BR nowadays with a sense of realism. A sense i didn't have in any of my previous ascents previously.

I am prepared now to crawl up slowly instead of mad dashes up and down with the BR. Slow and steady wins the race. I will continue to play sngs and throw in the odd multi, maintaing a 200 buy ins rule and going up or down in stakes accordingly. The joy of including multis in the mix is that you can have serious excitement now and again when you make a final table to deviate slightly from the somewhat monotonous sngs. However i am not complaining with the way i am running at the moment.

The game now with me is to maintain my composure and build the BR steadily and hopefully play live more when my br says i can. I have noticed i have a good live game and its annoying i have played much. Anyway i will leave u be i am really tired at the moment and am not even looking back at the post to check for mistakes. That is how on the edge i am living my life at the moment, o yeh.



  1. Good luck mate - and well done! living the dream some of us would love!

  2. good work talent