Thursday, 3 June 2010

Was i gay eye raped yesterday?

Hey there

So there i was just minding my own business in the gym. I was on the bench press leg weights and i see this guy staring at me and i am like alright that is a little freaky. Especially the look on his face, it was sort of awe. It was quite unnerving.

I then closed my eyes for about 20 seconds as i was getting some serious burn on my legs crunching the last few reps and then when i open my eyes, the guy is standing right beside me and looking directly at me. My intital reaction was to say fuck off but i thought no there could be some sort of reasonable explaination to this. I could have something on my shirt or something but no he was just pervy. I was followed by his glare all the way around the gym and i was fearing for my arse.

I tell you what though, other than the eye rapes that are normally directed from fat men towards very fit women other strange stuff goes on. All i think comedic unless you are on the wrong end of it.

Picture the scene you go onto a treadmill and start running on level 7 of 16. It's a fast tempo and has you're getting a sweat on. Another guy goes on the treadmill next to you. He starts on level 5 and you and fist pumping in your head that you are undoubtedly better than he is in every way. But o no. He has had a glance over at the level you are on and bumps his up another 3.

You see this as an evasive action and putting your manhood into disrepute so you think fuck this i am going up to level 10 surely he wont top that. O no that is 11 he has raised his to.

You are both running at full speed.

You because you are a prick decide to go the full whack of level 16, last 4 unbalanced strides and then slip off the treadmill smash your face against it and get propelled about 6 feet away. Matey boy looks at you in pity as he then reduces his level to 4 and is basically doing a leisurely walk. Adding a swagger as he knows you are looking as if to say you don't mess with me fool, look you see what happens!

The egos on show are also amazing. You get the beefed up arnie's just prancing around with an air of self importance looking down at the rest as if to say what is taking you so long to look as beautiful as me. You have a barrier mostly between the fit people and the not so fit. Normally its new not so fit people each week to feel bad about themselves and then not come for another 3 weeks before again delaying their embarrassment.

If i win enough through poker i think i would come up with the idea of fat gym sessions. Where only a certain weight bracket can join and feel comfortable that they are not competing with people than outclass them. And yes i feel strongly about this because i am indeed a fattie! lol May have to lay off the gym detail, but i am trying to go every other day to achieve some sort of decent physique for next years footie season.

Aside from the overthinking on the gym front i had my birthday celebrations last night in leicester square. Was thoroughly enjoyable and involved a bit of clubbing at the Zoo bar before heading into the empire casino for a little bit of fun and games. Now i have made it a general rule never to really play any table games again as they bring so much pain if you lose that it is just not worth it. I laid a stop gap of £200 and said if i lose that i have to stop playing. I lost that pretty quickly, with some silly red/black bets that were just not going my way, so i stopped playing.

However spurred on by my mates decent winnings for the night i thought i would have one last shot. So i took a tenner out split it into two fives and thought i will put a couple of numbers on. So i went for the number 23 and i missed. I then went for the number 17 and i hit and subsequently won £180 hehe. Only £20 down and i would have definately have paid that for the buzz of a 1/37 chance of coming in. Gotta Love it.

As you may know because of my website name its my birthday on friday. If you fancy making any donations to my poker fund as it is my 21st you can find me as "anup returns" on pokerstars. Will accept anything as little as $1 and i promise you it will give you some run good in one big tourney within the next 2 weeks. You have my word.

So thats your lot. Will be posting more after my birthday about how poker is going. At the moment i am getting around $200 a day when i play which is a great. Need to start playing more though but as its birthday week i don't think i can be blamed for not putting the effort in. Next week onwards will be poker addiction and hopefully mass success.

Thank you. God Bless you. Goddnight.

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