Monday, 7 June 2010

This is probably where it all goes wrong lol


Been running consistently on a certain american site at about $200-$400 a day for 6-8 hours work which is great. However as i am never satisfied and how i am addicited to euro site mtts i am going for a trial run across so nice "local" sites. Ipoker and ongame are the main target with a touch of partypoker thrown in for good measure. I tell u one thing though i am shocked by the lowered guarentees across these sites. As soon as i leave see what happens?

Still playing $10rs and $30fs across these sites and the odd $50f aswell. My BR is at $6000 atm so i shouldn't really be playing $10rs with my 200 buy ins rule as well as the odd $50f but i will get off the euro sites tonight if things don't go well or just play the $10 and $20f's.

I am really looking forward to this as i can see some familiar usernames and say high to them aswell as some mates being able to rail me if they would like that normally play on ipoker. Just need to give them a final table win to rail hey!

Some people would think i am crazy to be changing up a winning formula and that i am silly to not be happy with what i have got, but i am just trialling new areas to see what the perfect grind content would be so i can incorporate these euro mtt's with the american sngs i am already playing to try and work out the best way to increase my hourly rate. Also there is an undoubted buzz to be playing at old stomping grounds and i would love a great start tonight to really set the foundations for a meteoric rise up the ranks!


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