Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Not going to Plan


Have spent much of the xmas period up until now just about paying for all the things i have been getting up to through poker instead of pushing on into the higher stakes which i know i should be in right now. But i need some more application to even think about it.

I have been playing a lot less recently through lethargy and just wanting to play the playstation 3 instead with no real great will to carry on playing. The main reason for this is that i am not liking poker right now as much as i used to. This being as i am playing much lower than i would like and the lack of the profit i was once used to starts to aggrevate me and sometimes this leaves me playing a break even game through tilt.

I am writing now to try and address the problem and calm down a little, set myself a gameplan and stick to it. The end goal is to have £10000 in the bank so i can play all the the euro tournies (10e-$100) i want and feel ultra comfortable with every play i make knowing that i never have to be results orientated because i have so much money to fall back on. At the moment i am banking on lower limit sngs to get me through the struggle i find myself in, and its going ok. However i find myself getting bored and putting in no where near as many hours as i used to. I used to do 10+ a day easily loving every minute of it, but now im struggling to piece together 4 hours and with that i am not even playing that well.

Have had quite a few things happen to me over the period i was absent from blogging that i will shed light on within the next posts, nothing serious, but some quite funny all the same. Was tempted to do a mega post with all i shud have posted in the two months i wasn't writing but thought i would like to save you guys lengthened boredom.

One reason i wasn't blogging was because i thought i wasn't doing it right and im not. All so random and unorganised, no real planning involved, just a sort of stream of poker-related conciousness. I never know what i am going to write in the next sentence i just sort of scribe and see what happens. Will address this in later posts but for now i would like to relish in the laziness that is my current writing style and look forward to feeling better about all future posts. No idea why i thought i should share that with you and my insecurity here must be blinding!

Anyway, i think my approach to the game is what is most at fault at the moment. I am remembering the days of my former relative glory of having a £10K+ roll and taking it easy, pretty much crushing life along the way and its this that makes me remain in the doldrums of false starting with any roll i try to build. I think back constantly to the mistakes i have done and this aggrevates me and therefore affects the poker play i am doing currently.

Just an issue of manning up really, learning from mistakes and examining what i need to do to avoid the "i could have made it" tag i am placing on myself as if i have no chance of fully recouperating. I see my mate F3nix35 pushing on with his tourney success and knowing i could have been in the same spot if i was equally careful in bankroll management but c'est la vie i wasn't and i am where i am now. There we go again another thought that has me slightly agitated! lol.

I think its a matter on getting into a daily routine to crush the online lower stakes sngs that will help me push on. Go gym an hour a day, take regular breaks away from the comp, feel good about the profit i am making and be safe in the knowledge it takes little steps to make big goals. There is a rushing element in me that wants everything now and its in that i have in the past made so much money so quickly but the pitfall of doing things too fast is that you can lose the money just as quickly.

Lesson really here is to just enjoy my poker within the comfort of good br management and hopefully with my skill (if i have got any or if the games are so tough now that its all break even stuff lol) i can pussh on slowly into the promised land of going back to the multis, where no one can say anything against, that i am an above average player.



  1. Relax and enjoy it, but regular breaks and maybe set schedule will help!!!!

  2. In my opinion:

    1) SNG's are boring and dull with very limited profit to be made.

    2) If you've still got the graphs of you doing well, it might well be worth finding someone to back you. I'm not sure where to look and it has all the makeup issues. But if you have proof u can beat the higher levels, I'm sure there will be people out there looking to stake you. Finding these people on the other hand is the difficult part!

    Good luck at your choice and hopefully see you at the tables soon!

  3. Hey

    Yeh $1000 man the set schedule should work and i am going to rock on and see if it will.

    Ben, its the makeup issues that will make me not play so well if i have a backer. I will never play as aggressively knowing i could go into debt from a backer and also the idea of splitting profits hugely isn't appealing.

    However if i am at a dead end with sngs and i am not getting the profit i think i should be, i may well buckle down, find a backer and crack on.

    Cheers for the input.

  4. If you have had bankroll management issues in the past, then having a backer will cure these pretty quickly as you aren't in charge of what stakes and what tournaments you are playing. It gives you just one thing to think about, and thats playing the best you can and improving your game.

    I don't quite relate to the 'not playing as aggressively because you can get in debt to the backer', because if you find one who understands how severe downswings can get and the variance in poker, then they will understand and put no pressure on you to get out of makeup.

    Obviously it is down to you but I find there are more positives than negatives.

    Gl anyway!

  5. Hey

    Understood that your comments are right. But i would hate to be backed becaouse i would like to think i could go it on my own. I will consider it if i remain in this sticky patch. If it stays the same i will take the advice and probably be happy i chose to get backed. I guess its my stubborness that is stopping me from doing it. Couple of more weeks and we'll see what happens.

    Cheers for the input agen guys much appreciated

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