Sunday, 13 December 2009

Tourney Update


Experienceing somewhat of a turn for the worst recently dowswinging on three of the main sites i have been using recently. This is slightly annoying as well because tourney variance can damage your bankroll very quickly. I wouldn't say that much of my play was at fault for this because on the sites i have resorted to at the moment my ROI is averaging around 80% with profits clearing the $5K mark across all of them. Just experiencing a nasty downswing of late, but i am definately looking forward to the upswing that should ensue soon, and hopefully with this some more xmas money to use for my family. This is just a little update really to say i'm alive and yet again pledge an empty promise to start blogging more on here!



  1. we'll grind out of it. Keep ya head up and let's ship some $$$$$$$z

  2. Good to hear you're still alive...

    Looking forward to reading about the upswing... have a profitable xmas mate

  3. Yo Ant,

    Keep your chin up Bro, like Fenix say's grind it out. Any chance of a link to I've linked you up.

  4. Hey Ant, I've linked you on my blog, any chance of you doing the same?

    (its jon from the €22 deepstack on dtd the other day)

  5. Last blog post was 6 weeks ago already. Come back, all is forgiven.

    Seriously, used to like following your blog, so come back and write more soon.

  6. good blog.

    Danny Butterfield x

  7. We havent heard from you for a while - you still blogging - interested to hear how its all going!

  8. Any updates?? Hope your fortunes have changed for the better.